10 Things That Make Me Happy

Sometimes, when you get swept up in the fast flowing current of life, it’s all too easy to focus on the negative; the things that stress you out, that make you angry, sad, anxious or down. Then we forget all about the things that make us happy, they simply pale away into insignificance, suffocated by the bad and buried deep down…but they’re still there.

As adults we take these happy things for granted, we no longer take the time to notice the small things that surround us everyday, that perhaps as children we took great pleasure in observing, cherishing and being simply fascinated by.

This week I was tagged in a blog post by Jen Mellor from Just Average Jen, challenging me to come up with 10 reasons to be happy, so I thought I’d put a slight twist on it and rather than come up with reasons for my happiness I’ve put together 10 things (whether it be objects, people, moments etc.) that make me happy. I hope you enjoy reading through them šŸ™‚

Exploring a New Hotel Room

I love, love, LOVE that very first step into a hotel room and seeing how immaculate and clean everything is and then the best bit…having a good old nose round the place. Come on admit it, you all do it right?

  • What are the smellies like? Are they worth nicking?
  • Are there any biscuits by the tea and coffee tray? If so are we talking custard creams or scottish shortbread?
  • Is there a trouser press? OK, so no one actually uses it, but I still like to know it’s there!
  • Is there a bible in the bedside drawer? If so, which side? ‘Cos I want to sleep the other side (I’m weird like that)
  • Is there a visitor book? Oooo ooo let me see what Sandra from Kent had to say about her stay.

And if there’s a personal message left by the hotel manager, any form of towel art on the bed or a gift of local artisan chocolates/gin/wine/anything, I am literally squealing and hopping round the room like an excited child at Christmas.

Yeah as you can tell I really do love a hotel room, well only for that initial look around, but it sure does make me happy!


I’ve always loved words – made up words, words that sound like what they are, new words, word origins, play on words, silly words; I just love them. I take great pleasure in the power, creativity and freedom of expression of words and without them I would feel an incredible sadness. I am so grateful to have a job that allows me to embrace my love of words on a daily basis, that lets me play around with words and make words up to my hearts content. And hopefully you enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoy writing them.

Walking Barefoot

Roll on warmer weather, because walking around the house barefoot is, for me, one of life’s small pleasures. I haven’t exactly got the nicest feet in the world (I’m sure running hasn’t helped with that!), but it’s amazing what a coat of polish can do to transform even the hobbitiest of feet – yep spot that made up word! At the risk of sounding a bit new age hippy, being free of socks and shoes makes me feel more at one with nature, and I like that. Whether it’s sand, grass, a cold hard floor or a soft, squishy carpet, I love the feel of different textures and the carefree, simplicity that being barefoot does for the soul. Bring on the summer!

First Cup of Coffee of the Day

That moment, before anyone else in the house is awake, and I’m able to creep downstairs, put the kettle on and know that I’ve got half an hours peace before all hell breaks lose for another day, that is what the first cup of coffee means to me. That first cup of coffee always manages to taste better than any subsequent cups and I love how it’s restorative super powers help to wake me up and make me feel human again. By the time I’ve finished, everyone’s up, the house is buzzing with life and I feel ready to face whatever the day throws at me.

Family Fun

This one’s a bit of an obvious one really, but it would be wrong if I didn’t include it as having fun with the family deffo makes me happy. But more specifically it’s the kind of fun that has us rolling around on the floor laughing, or singing silly made up songs that only we get, or making yucky potions in the garden, or going on adventures and experiencing new things together. For all the bickering, back chat, arguments about Minecraft, moaning about the amount of Marmite in a sandwich (if you know my kids, you know this is exactly the kind of thing I have to put up with!) when we spend quality time together every single one of us is happy. And if my family are happy, I’m happy.

People Watching

I’m the first to admit that I’m a nosy so and so, not in a Mrs Mangle curtain twitching stalker kind of way, more of an interested in what other people are doing, chatting about, wearing kind of way. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer and it helps give me ideas and inspire me, but I just find people so fascinating. So if you see me sat in a cafe on my own occasionally looking up with a slight smile on my face, or if you see me looking over at you in the playground for a bit longer than is polite, I apologise, I just cannot help myself.

DISCLAIMER: All names will be changed in any blog posts I write šŸ˜‰ JOKING!

Running Across Fields

A year ago today and there’s no way I would have even imagined that this would feature in my happy list, yet here it is. Yep, running across muddy fields, first thing in the morning, as the sun’s just popping it’s head up, there’s a fresh bite to the air, there’s no one around and the world is silent…that is my happy place. It makes me feel as though I’m on top of the world, it’s my ‘me’ time, a time to reflect, to gather my thoughts and to give me some clarity before cracking on with the rest of my day. It is nature’s happy pills and if only we all prescribed ourselves a bit more of it, the world would be a much happier place.

Trashy TV

This is my top guilty pleasure. I know I might come across all smart and that, but honestly there’s nothing I love more than sinking down into the sofa and whacking on some trashy TV. I’m talking TOWIE, Gogglebox, Ibiza Weekender, Tattoo Fixers, Dinner Date; the trashier the better as far as I’m concerned. It helps me relax, it makes my brain completely switch off and, if I’m being completely honest, it makes me feel a whole lot better about myself!

Clean Bedding on a Sunday Night

Climbing into fresh, crisp clean bedding makes me very happy and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving it. I always change our bedding on a Sunday, and for me fresh bedding = fresh week.

The 3 Pā€™s

OK, so strictly speaking this is three, but hey it’s my blog post my rules šŸ˜‰

So, the three P’s…what are they?

  • Pyjamas
  • Prosecco
  • Poo jokes

I love ’em all! Invite me to spend an evening in my PJ’s, glugging Prosecco and telling poo jokes, and my god have you got me all excited. I would spend my life in my pyjamas if I could get away with it, but only behind closed doors mind, I am deffo NOT one of those school mums. I love the comfy looseness and that feeling of hibernation and security that pyjamas give me, it’s kind of like getting a hug from your clothes isn’t it? And Prosecco, well that needs no explanation, I mean it’s Prosecco! As for poo jokes…I’m a big kid, what can I say. It amuses me when people fart, playing Plop Trumps makes me giggle and it proper cracks me up when my kids sing songs about poo.

And just for the fun of it, here’s my favourite poo joke:

Knock Knock

Who’s There?

I Need Up

I Need Up Who?

HAHAHAHAHA…I told ya poo jokes were good!

So there you have it, 10 things that make me happy. Pretty simple things really, but 10 things unique to me that will always guarantee to put a smile on my face, warm my heart just that little bit more and make me feel incredibly grateful for all that life gives me.

I think we could all do with spending a bit of time to acknowledge the things that make us happy and I would love it if you shared yours with me.

What Makes You Happy?

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