10 Tips For Ensuring Healthy Air In Your Home

Everyone wants their home to be a safe and happy place to spend time. It’s why you decorate it with your favourite pictures and get the latest TVs or game consoles. It’s also why you take the time to clean it regularly. But does your cleaning routine do enough to make it a healthy space with healthy air?

Check out these 10 tips for ensuring healthy air in your home so you never have to wonder again. Anyone can use these tips to transform the air they breathe, stay healthy and enjoy their living space even more.

1. Open Your Windows

When you don’t ventilate your home, the toxins and chemical contaminants in the air don’t go anywhere. Open your windows occasionally to flush out the old air and invite clean air in. It fixes the problem when you feel like a room is stuffy or humid, especially if you live in an open area filled with trees and nature.

2. Wash Your Sheets

Washing your sheets gets rid of dust mites that you’d otherwise breathe in as you sleep. Do your laundry regularly and keep clean sheets in rotation to make your bedroom air cleaner. Otherwise, every time you make your bed or lay down to sleep, the dust mites fly off the sheets and into each breath you take.

3. Check Local Reports

It’s hard to know when the outdoor air is clean because you can’t see most air pollution. Check local reports to find air pollution forecasts so you don’t open your windows when pollution is high in your area.

4. Try Beeswax Candles

Some candles release harmful smoke and odours into the air, but not candles made with beeswax. Instead, beeswax candles emit negative ions and remove toxins, so switch which candles you buy to clean your air and keep your lighting ambiance.

5. Look For Activated Charcoal Filters

Charcoal naturally purifies whatever passes through it, including air. When you need to get new air filters, buy the kind that uses charcoal to ramp up their purifying power.

6. Replace Your Air Filters

Once you find the best filters for your home, replace them every two weeks to get the purest air possible. Empty filters catch things like bacteria and mold, but clogged filters let them float around your house. Regular replacement is key to a healthy home.

7. Decorate With Salt Lamps

Like beeswax candles, salt lamps filter out household pollution with natural negative ions. They attach to dust and make it easier to clean, causing them to fall from the air and leaving cleaner air behind.

8. Grow Indoor Plants

Plants are another way to filter your air because they exchange irritants for oxygen, including CO2 and humidity. Learn how to grow plants like mums, spider plants and Boston ferns so you can enjoy purified air throughout your home. They’re easy for people without green thumbs and they last all year long with the proper care.

9. Research Your Retailers

The next time you want to buy furniture, research the retailers that interest you. They may use toxic glue that pollutes the air long after the glue has dried. Instead, buy from companies with green mission statements and eco-friendly products that are safe to be around while you’re at home.

10. Repaint Your Home

If you’re not sure what kind of paint is on the walls of your home, you can consider repainting. Find brands that use non-toxic or all-natural ingredients so the paint doesn’t pollute the air during and after the drying period. You won’t notice a quality difference and you’ll end up with a redesigned living space that supports your health.

Consider Your Home

Think about what’s in and around your home to decide which tips to start with. You may need to replace your air filters, use a new kind of paint or grow indoor plants to start filling your house with cleaner air.

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