10 Ways To Look 5 Years Younger

Who wouldn’t want to shave a couple of years off, to get back that super elastic skin, pearly whites and shiny hair? Well sadly a time machine is yet to be discovered, but luckily there are some great treatments and makeup tricks that you can apply that could turn your aging clock back a bit.

Up Your Skin Care Game

Using quality skin care products is a must since the wrong kind can end up speeding up the aging process. It is always better to choose organic and plant based ones that don’t have any undesirable chemicals. That way you’ll know exactly what you are applying to your skin and be able to see the difference in skin quality.

Clean Up Your Diet

One of the main steps towards younger skin is getting rid of sugar from your diet. There are no amounts of cream and lotions that can help if you continue to have an increased sugar intake. Due to the process called glycation proteins like collagen and elastin become less effective which leads to wrinkle formation and loss of skin elasticity.

Find The Right Foundation

The right foundation has the ability to smooth over your skin giving you that perfect youthful glow. Just make sure you get ones that don’t dry out your sin and are the right shade for your complexion. The key is to look as natural as possible, but a few years younger of course.

Get Those Pearly Whites

Yellow teeth are one of the major signs of aging, and you don’t have to accept that. Just do what Australians do, get beautiful porcelain veneers. Getting quality porcelain veneers is easy and you’ll even get an opportunity to do a test run and see what your teeth are going to look like before committing to the actual procedure. A great set of pearly whites will take down a few years for sure.

Highlight Your Hair

A few shades lighter hair can do wonders for your look. So soft highlights and a natural flow is all you need to look younger. Don’t forget, hair quality is also important so make sure you use the right shampoos and conditioners in order to keep your hair healthy and glowing.

Get Those Lashes Batting

Beautiful, long eyelashes are bound to take centre stage leaving those small wrinkles around the eyes to fade into the background. The perfect mascara choice will help make your eyes look bigger and stunning, attracting attention wherever you go. But make sure you don’t overdo it, moderation is key when applying mascara.

Plump Up Your lips

No, stop right there, you don’t have to see a plastic surgeon and get lip injections for fuller lips. You can opt for a more natural approach and still get great results. First thing’s first make sure you keep your lips moisturised, dry and cracked lips are definitely not attractive nor are they youthful. Secondly, use your lip liner and lipstick to make them feel wider and fuller, but make sure you don’t go overboard and end up looking clownish. Just keep in mind that often a subtle shade of pink or coral has a far better effect then a rich red lip when it comes to looking younger.

Let’s Get That Up

As we get older one of the first things that descends is our butt, and if we want to shave off the years it is time to get it back up. Start by using the right skin care products, ones that have high levels of firming agents. Next, focus on your butt-lifting exercises at the gym, you’ll need all the help you can get. And finally, choose the right curve-hugging, butt-lifting pair of jeans, you are bound to look and feel younger with those.

Opt For Lighter Nail Polish

Darker shades are always so businessy and grown up, choose some fun lighter shades that you can really enjoy and have fun with. This way you will also feel younger and not just look it. In addition make sure your hand cream is on point, a great nail polish on dry wrinkly hand is not the look you want to go for.

Make Sure You Have The Right Bra

Apart from your butt, your breasts also tend to go down due to gravity and motherhood. So in addition to the right bust treatments, and if need be a breast lift, it is also essential to have the perfect bra collection. The two things you need to focus on is that it provides you with the right level of support and also that it doesn’t cut into your skin. It is supposed to shape your body not deform it.

There you go, the years went right off, all that is left is to strut your stuff confidently and feel great about how you look.

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