17 Things Happy And Healthy Couples Do

It’s everyone’s dream to be in a happy and healthy relationship, but only a few people know how to achieve it. Most couples want a good relationship and a healthy home, but they can’t stop quarreling over little things.

They don’t know and possess what it takes to live happily with their spouse and raise a happy home.

Don’t worry if you belong to that category because this article discusses 17 things happy and healthy couples do to enjoy a peaceful, productive, and romantic home.

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1. They Love Themselves Genuinely

“I love you” has become a cliché in this contemporary world. Many people say it without a sincere feeling of love in their hearts.

Sometimes, couples get married out of mere infatuation or interest in beauty or money. And over time, such couples get tired of each other and begin to live like they are strangers.

Hence, to have a happy and healthy marriage, the first thing you both must get right is loving each other genuinely. Without true love, it will be difficult to practice most of the other points discussed in this post.

2. They Make Sacrifices For The Relationship To Work

Every healthy and happy relationship is all about sacrifices. Both parties sacrifice one or two things to be happy. It could be time, money, energy, or principles. Happy couples sacrifice many things to flourish the relationship.

Also known as compromises, you must let go of something at some point to please your spouse. Sacrifices don’t deal with age, race, or gender. Both parties must compromise to make it work.

3. They Are Unselfish 

You must be unselfish to be happy in your relationship— that’s what happy couples do.

Relationships are all about “Us” not “I”. It is a give-and-take affair. Don’t think of yourself only; consider your partner in everything you do.

Find ways to make her better, happier, and healthier. Give a gift, cook, or wash clothes. Do something to make your spouse appreciate your selflessness.

4. They Appreciate Their Spouse 

Most women or men don’t see any reason to appreciate their spouse for carrying out their ‘duties’

Healthy and happy couples always celebrate themselves. They seize every opportunity to appreciate their partner for being the best.

You should develop the habit of celebrating and appreciating your spouse regularly. Celebrate your woman for cooking a delicious meal, doing the home chores, and creating a peaceful home. Appreciate your man for taking good care of you and ensuring everything is available for your convenience.

How can you celebrate your spouse? Read the next tip.

5. Buy Them Gifts

Everyone loves gifts, especially when they are from someone they love.

Don’t wait for a birthday celebration, wedding anniversary, or other special dates before buying gifts. Do it spontaneously. Buy something your partner has always wanted or needed for a long time.

If you notice that your man’s wedding bands are already fading or old-fashioned, visit an online store like mensweddingbands.io to buy him a new one. It shows how much you care about your union with him.

Or if the woman of your dreams has been dreaming about owning a new type of shoe or bag, look it up on an e-commerce store like Amazon and place an order. Her love and affection for you will increase tremendously.

Don’t forget that giving is another way of showing love to someone.

6. They Never Miss Special Days 

How on earth will you forget your partner’s birthday? That’s one thing happy couples will never do. They always celebrate their partner’s special days in grand style.

Healthy couples are available to celebrate with their spouse on birthdays, graduation, Valentine’s day, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

Celebrating such special days with your spouse will positively influence your relationship and marriage in the long run.

7. Happy Couples Agree To Disagree 

All good and healthy relationships feature arguments. Happy couples sometimes argue due to different opinions.

However, they always find ways to settle before things go out of hand. They always agree to disagree, knowing that prolonging issues will affect their relationship in the long run.

The ability to settle every argument makes a difference between happy couples and sad ones. You must learn to settle issues with your partner whenever you argue over anything.

Don’t try to justify your actions even if you are right. A happy and healthy relationship is what matters in the end. 

8. They Keep Third Parties Out Of Their Relationship

“Two is a company, three is a crowd” is an idiom that works well with happy couples. They don’t involve third parties in their romantic affair. Instead, they settle any issue behind closed doors.

Keep friends and families away from your love affairs. Don’t share your marital issues with your friends, even if it’s a close one.

Their advice might worsen situations instead of solving them. However, the only exception is if it involves molestation or violence. Don’t keep quiet if your spouse derives joy and satisfaction from hitting you.

9. They Maintain Effective Communication 

Relationships will suffer when there is little communication breach between both parties. Meanwhile, relationships thrive when partners communicate their thoughts, opinions, and feelings regularly.

Happy couples ensure quality communication. They share everything with their partners, whether good or bad.

10. They Understand Each Other’s Love Language 

Happy couples know each other’s love language. They know what their partners want and how to give them.

Don’t assume your spouse’s love language is a positive affirmation or a good meal. Discover what your spouse loves and try to provide it. You can even emulate it to strengthen your relationship.

11. They Go on Dates Regularly 

Marriage isn’t the end of dating. Happily-married couples go on dates.

They visit the cinema, go on a beach vacation, view the sunset, and party to strengthen their love. Try that with your spouse too.

12. They Respect Each Other’s Privacy 

As much as spending quality time together is significant in a relationship, happy couples respect their partner’s privacy. They sometimes give each other space to be alone and reflect on personal goals and life.

Don’t be together all the time. Give your spouse time to be with friends and family. Trust and respect the decisions to hang out with close relatives. 

13. They Do House Chores Together

Every happy couple sometimes does chores together. They cook, wash, and clean the home. It helps them bond well, develop close intimacy, and respect each other better.

Don’t let the division of labor affect your relationship. Try to help your partner whenever you can.

14. They Defend Each Other Publicly 

Happy couples always get each other’s back in public. The wife will defend her husband, while the man will do the same publicly.

Though they might revisit the issue at home, couples in a healthy and happy relationship always defend their public reputation.

They won’t allow an outsider to speak negative things about their spouse. 

15. They Set And Achieve Goals Together

Here is another thing common to all happy couples. They set goals together and find ways to achieve them collectively.

Master the art of setting and achieving goals with your spouse to improve your relationship.

16. They Console, Cheer, And Celebrate Each Other 

Happy couples are readily available to partake in their partner’s bad and happy moments.

They will console their partners in sad moments, cheer in bad times, and celebrate in good times.

Your partner won’t love and cherish you if you aren’t there to encourage them on bad days.

17. They Forgive And Move On With Life 

A happy couple doesn’t find it hard to forgive each other because they know the importance of forgiveness in their relationship.

Though they might react angrily to unpleasant situations or offenses, they will eventually subside their anger and forgive their best part.

No relationship is without offense or an angry moment, but happy couples will always forgive their partners wholeheartedly.


No relationship is perfect, but there are happy ones. Adopt some of the habits above, and you will experience a tremendous improvement in your relationship.

Meanwhile, other romantic things that happy couples do include hugging and cuddling.

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