3 Crucial Things To Know Before Beginning A Weight Loss Journey

Going on a weight loss journey can be one of the most fulfilling experiences in your life. Seeing and feeling yourself transform to a healthier version of yourself is incredibly rewarding. This doesn’t mean you should get started immediately with your weight loss plan. Instead, there are three crucial things to consider before you get started:

The Current State Of Your Health

What makes someone healthy? You can come up with loads of definitions, but in this case we’re talking about individuals that have no underlying health problems that might interfere with their weight loss journey.

The fact is, a lot of people that feel the need to lose weight will be severely overweight to the point that it’s actually a risk for them to exercise. This is why things like gastric sleeve surgery exist, to help people lose a bit of weight in the beginning, taking them down to a healthier starting point for exercise. Always see your doctor before starting any exercise or medical weight loss program for a full health check.

Once you’re in a healthy place to start losing weight, your journey can begin.

The Reason You Want To Lose Weight

This is really important as you should have a good reason to lose weight. We live in a world where body image has been warped outrageously, especially for women – but also for men. You see extremely skinny or ripped people online, so you think this is how you need to look.

It isn’t! You can look however you like, as long as you’re healthy. Make sure your reasons for losing weight are personal. If you want to drop a few pounds or get ripped because it will make YOU feel good, then go for it. If you’re doing it because of what you see online, take a moment to think twice before you go ahead.

The Science Behind Losing Weight

Finally, you need to be aware of what it takes to lose weight. Weight loss is actually based on energy expenditure. Burn more energy than you consume, and your body will lose excess fat and other weight. Too many people are unaware of this before starting their journey.

This is why people complain of their gym routine not working. They exercise regularly, yet don’t lose weight. Why? Because they’re still eating too many calories. The same goes for people that follow a specific diet. This diet is designed for weight loss, why aren’t I losing weight? Because you’re not exercising enough to burn away the calories needed to lose it. Once you understand the science behind losing a few pounds, it’s far easier to enjoy a successful journey.

Remember, nobody is forcing you to lose weight. If you want to lose it for health reasons or to improve your confidence, that’s great! Be sure you consider the three things above before starting your journey. It’ll ensure you lose weight for the right reasons, as well as do so correctly and safely. This should help you avoid lots of common pitfalls or drawbacks along the way.

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