4 Of The Worst Injuries You Can Sustain

If you live a good, long life, then hopefully, you’ll get through it without sustaining any serious injuries. Injuries, like illness, can mar your prospects of enjoying your existence. You can live your life and try not to be reckless, but sometimes, injuries can happen out of the blue when you don’t expect it, even if you’re not doing anything particularly dangerous.

We’ll take a moment to talk about some of the worst injuries it’s possible for a human to sustain. If you can get through your life without experiencing any of these, that’s great. However, if you do injure yourself, you’ll have to get past it as best you can.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are among the worst kinds that you can ever suffer. If you’re in a car accident and you hit your head, that might cause one. You can also trip over something and fall, striking your head.

Persistent headaches, fatigue, vomiting, nausea, and smell or taste loss are some possible brain injury signs for which you ought to be on the lookout after striking your head. If you did hit your head and suspect a brain injury, get to a hospital so qualified medical professionals can look you over as soon as possible.

If you did injure your brain, you might not be able to communicate anymore. You might not understand language, or you may no longer be able to speak. You might grope for words but not be able to remember them.

You also might have to deal with mood swings. Your entire personality might change. You may alienate your family through no fault of your own, making brain injuries some of the most difficult to get past.

Back Injuries

You can injure your back in a car accident, for example a spinal fracture from collision, or you might sustain a back injury while playing sports. Contact sports like soccer and football are particularly bad for back injuries since you can collide with other big, strong players moving at high speeds.

A back injury could mean that you’ll never walk again. You may end up in a wheelchair, and that will mean a huge life adjustment. If you can’t walk anymore, you will not be able to do many of the things you once enjoyed.

A back injury could also mean you end up in physical therapy, trying to rehab the muscles so you can learn to live with it. You may be able to walk after a severe back injury, but it might cause you pain. Some back injuries are so bad that you never fully recover from them.

Knee Injuries

You often hear about professional football players and other athletes suffering knee injuries. Think about the famous Joe Theismann knee injury that ended his career when Lawrence Taylor ran into him.

Torn knee ligaments often require surgery and physical therapy afterward. You might be able to get close to where you were before in terms of what you can do after a knee injury. The problem is that your knee might never be quite as solid and stable as it used to be.

You can probably live your life and be reasonably okay, but as you get older, that knee will likely cause you some pain. You can’t expect to ever come back from a severe knee injury and be one hundred percent capable again.

Ankle Injuries

Like knee injuries, ankle injuries can occur playing contact sports. Sometimes, though, you can injure your ankle doing something very innocuous-seeming. Some people hurt their ankles stepping off a curb or stumbling over a sidewalk crack.

If that happens, you might twist or sprain the ankle. The physical therapists at Paspa Physical Therapy explain that there are 3 different grades of ankle sprains. It’s vital that you seek professional help if you suspect you have sprained your ankle, so they can assess if you need treatment or not.

Sprained ankles can be a great annoyance, but they are not as bad as a break. A broken ankle might require surgery and physical therapy afterward to retrain your body how to walk on it.

Like knee injuries, the problem with ankle injuries is that you can get surgery if necessary, and you can heal from them, but you will probably never be precisely the same as you once were. In your older age, you might have to walk with a cane or a walker. The old injury can cause you some pain, and sometimes it might swell up.

Lingering injuries can be among the most troublesome you can sustain. If you do injure yourself in any of the ways that we’ve described, it will take tremendous willpower for you to continue with your life, but that’s just what you have to do.

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