4 Reasons It Is Important to Drink Water to Help With Weight Loss

Most people drink water purely to quench their thirst, but according to research conducted by scientists, water can help you in cutting back on your weight too. Since the liquid contains zero calories, it can’t ever have a negative impact upon your weight. In fact, water occupies more than 65 percent of the human body. If you combine drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet and regular exercise, you can lose weight much faster.

The good thing is that water is so easily available to many of us. You only need to remind yourself to take several glasses of this precious liquid and you’ll be good to go. The problem with most people is that they forget to take water frequently. But being forgetful can be remedied by setting reminders on your phone. In fact, there are apps that have been developed to monitor how you consume water.

Here are 4 reasons why drinking lots of water is important.

Helps You Workout for Longer

Engaging in any exercise causes your metabolic rate to go up and the body requires a lot of water to carry out these metabolic processes. If you don’t drink enough water before and after training in the gym, your muscles become vulnerable to cramps. These cramps make it impossible for your body to withstand extended training sessions. When your body is not well hydrated, you are likely to feel extremely tired after hitting the gym due to severe dehydration due to water loss through sweating. Consuming water regularly therefore helps in counteracting these cramps before they even happen.

Makes You Eat Less Food

Most people drink water after every meal because it helps aid digestion of food. On the contrary, people who tend to eat a lot of food are encouraged to drink at least two glasses of water before indulging in any meal. This is because water will occupy a bigger portion of the stomach, leaving less space for the food. This will cause an individual to feel full after just eating a little.

When you eat too much food, the body will only take the nutrients it requires and convert the rest into fats that get deposited into various parts such as the tummy and the waist. Drinking water will therefore help in preventing the accumulation of such fats. If there are any fats that have already accumulated, they can be burned by exercising vigorously to convert it into energy.

Keeps You Energized

Metabolic processes can’t be active when the body doesn’t have enough water. It’s therefore recommended that you drink water throughout the day to keep these metabolic processes up and running. Metabolic processes help in the breaking down of food to form energy. When your metabolic rate goes down, the body suffers from energy deficiency. This leaves you without enough energy to workout. On the other hand, a high metabolic rate helps in eliminating the excess fats in your body. When fats are broken down, they produce energy that is used by the body to power metabolic processes, leaving you with less weight.

Helps You Avoid Sugary Drinks

Juices and soda contain a lot of sugar, which translates into high calorie intake. As a matter of fact, drinking juice or soda doesn’t help in quenching your thirst as we are made to believe. Drinking soda and juice will cause you to gain a lot of weight. This is because the excess sugar that is in these beverages is converted into fats. Drinking a lot of water can kill your cravings for these sweet beverages. You should therefore try to drink a glass of water every time you feel like drinking soda or juice. For more insights on weight loss, please visit http://www.thefitandtone.com.

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