4 Types Of Residential Care Options For The Elderly

Aging is a fact of life and something none of us can avoid. Unfortunately, as we age, we become less physically and sometimes mentally able to look after ourselves properly. When this happens, we should consider looking for ways to make life a bit easier and more comfortable – whether it be getting help in our own home or moving into a place specializing in care for the aged. Here are 4 types of residential care options for the elderly.

Assisted Living

What’s the Assisted Living Lifestyle Like? Assisted living is sometimes known as sheltered housing and is for older people who require a certain amount of personal and medical care. Residents can choose to have their own room, apartment or live in a shared area of the complex.

Depending on the level of care required, assisted living residents can enjoy cooked meals and organized social and recreational events with other residents. Some complexes have facilities for family members to stay for a night or two and enjoy a private dinner with their loved one in a formal dining room.

Residents who need a bit more help will benefit from assistance with personal care such as dressing, bathing, monitoring, and dispensing of medication and laundry services. All assisted living facilities have 24-hour emergency care available and are patrolled by safety wardens.

Nursing Or Care Homes

Care homes are for people who require a moderate to high level of care as they struggle to do things for themselves due to physical or mental disabilities. People suffering from dementia, blindness, deafness, immobility, or other physical disabilities benefit from living in a care home.

Residents can get help with dressing, washing, and mobility. Most nursing homes have private bedrooms with communal lounge and dining areas for each resident. All meals and laundry services are provided. Qualified nurses are usually included in the staff role and can help dispense medication and deal with minor injuries and ailments. A good way to find a skilled nursing home is to research your area and read reviews from people who have experience with this type of facility.

Home Help

Another of the residential care options for older adults who wish to live in their own home and maintain a degree of independence, is to employ home help services. The help can sometimes be delivered by a family member or a friend but is often provided by a professional agency that employs nurses and care assistants.

Most home care assistants will help clients to get out of bed in the morning, get washed, and dressed. They may also help prepare meals and assist clients with eating if required, help them to the toilet and administer medication.

Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities are for people aged 55 and over who are physically and mentally able to look after themselves but want to live in a community where they feel safe and can socialize with other residents.

Independent living is fantastic for single people or widows. It provides plenty of opportunities to make new friends and enjoy activities such as swimming, dancing, fine dining, golf, social events, and travel excursions.

Just because you aren’t as spritely as you once were, it doesn’t mean life should be a struggle. Consider these residential care options available to you and enjoy your life.

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