5 Christmassy Eye Makeup Designs

It’s Christmas! Pop the prosecco and get your glad rags ready, it’s party season and we could not be more excited. The yuletide season is well and truly upon us and it’s the perfect excuse for sparkle and ostentatiousness. Honestly, when else can we go so over the top with our look?

One way to express your festive feelings is with a statement makeup look, whether it’s for the office party, Christmas day or gift exchange with friends. We love a shimmer eyeshadow and a bright red lipstick, but it’s been done before. Why not take inspiration from the below 5 Christmassy eye makeup designs to really give your eyes the wow factor this December.

1.   Candy Crush

Creating candy canes on your eyelids may seem complicated but it’s actually a very simple and effective design. Use an opaque white eyeliner to draw your desired length and style of wing.

Then use your favourite red lipstick to create the verticle stripes using a small lip brush and voila! Add a green or red shimmer to the bottom lash and your eyelid for a really elf-like look.

2.   Let It Snow

Throughout the rest of the year, blue eyeshadow is an absolute faux-pas, but at Christmas, we can make an exception.

Channel your inner Elsa and frost those lashes. Blend an icy blue with a white or silver shimmer eyeshadow to create a base on your lid to your brow line. For a really bold look, use a darker shade on your crease and lower-lid.

Using a white liquid liner, carefully draw snowflakes along your lid along to your eye edge. Finish off with tiny silver, white or blue face gems and remember, no two snowflakes are alike.

If you don’t have a very steady hand or your artistic skills are a little lacking, you can simply dot white eyeliner instead for a more subtle look.

For a really striking look, get some high-quality false eyelashes and lightly powder them with a white shimmer eyeshadow or your favourite highlighter before applying for a real snow queen vibe. We recommend these.

The whole look will be even easier to pull off if you have a permanent eyeliner tattooed. Not only will your makeup look perfect no matter what, but it won’t smudge or fade away easily either. A great feature of soft permanent eyeliner styles is how manageable they are – initial shaping takes little time and any necessary maintenance is easy too. Getting permanent eyeliner can definitely give you that extra bit of confidence as your eyes will be bold and beautiful every day, usually with very minimal effort on your part!

3.   Light It Up

Unfortunately, there aren’t any fairy lights small enough on the market to wrap around our lashes and we are a little devastated. But the next best thing is creating them yourself.

This is a really effective and simple idea and there is no restriction to the pattern or shape you choose. Use an eyeliner to draw your ‘wire’, whether it be part of your cat-eye wing, your lower lash or even dangling from your eyebrow.

Then using your chosen colours, draw your lights. If baubles are more your thing this can be done too. Add a touch of glitter to really accentuate the festive feels.

4.   Glitter Bomb

Do you have a busy Christmas day between houses and need a look that will work in all settings? You can never go wrong with glitter!

As wonderful as glittery eyeshadow can be, it doesn’t quite have enough sparkle to give your Christmas makeup what it deserves.

Choose a festive base colour from your most pigmented shadow (we love red or gold!) and apply body glitter on top. If your glitter has seen better days, as you probably last used it at a summer festival, you can use normal glitter. Mix this with a bit of eyelash glue and it’ll stay put all day. Finish your eyes off with a pair of flawless false lashes.

5.   Santa Baby

We can not get over how cute this design is! It’s also super easy as your eyelid is already the perfect shape so you can easily follow your natural curves, no artistic skills required.

You can use white eyeliner, shadow or even cotton (held on with a bit of eyelash glue) to create the fur trim and pompom. Then apply red eyeshadow across your eyelid and flick out to create the tail of Santa’s hat.

If you don’t have the right shade of red, you can use lipstick, this may even be easier for you to create a smoother edge. As always, add glitter!

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