5 Expert Tips For Partying In The Age Of Social Distancing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which would actually be good for you at this point in time), you know very well that the lockdown and a range of restrictions still apply in most countries in the world. That includes strict social distancing, thus making birthday parties and random weekend get-togethers almost impossible. Luckily, with a little bit of planning and preparation paired with the right precautions, you can definitely bring together a small group of your closest friends and family and celebrate that important milestone of yours, be it a birthday, an anniversary, or a promotion.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the matter and tackle a few key ways you can party like a pro even in the current situation, without jeopardizing anyone’s health and wellbeing. On the contrary, you can use your party to reconnect with people you love, while at the same time ensuring everyone’s safety. Here’s what you need to do!

A Backyard Picnic Party

A typical backyard get-together before the pandemic would gather a swarm of people around a common snack table, perhaps a few tending to the barbecue, and some around the cocktail table. With the current situation, it’s pivotal to find a more suitable option that allows social distancing while retaining that element of socialization, such as setting up a picnic.

Prepare comfortable blankets to place around your backyard, so that people can sit comfortably in the grass, share a meal and chat with one another while still following social distancing rules. This is ideal for small-scale gatherings, so you can use it during this stressful period to connect with your closest friends. When you’re done eating and sipping on your drink, you can even put on a mask and enjoy the sun while chatting with your friends.

Barbecue And Other Tasty Snacks

What’s a party without a delicious menu? On that note, you should set up a snack table and a designated barbecue section for grilled meats and veggies – but either you take charge of food preparation, make it before people start coming over, or have one person set it all up.

This will help you avoid crowding too closely around one spot, and it will encourage a safe distance while everyone can easily interact and have enough space to fill their plates with food. Avoid sharing bowls without utensils, that could contribute to the spreading of the virus, so allow people to pick up their portion of the food with designated utensils.

Order Your Dessert

Much like your snacks and savory dishes, your dessert is another party staple that will make your get-together a slam dunk. Instead of spending hours on preparation and grocery shopping, a safer alternative for you and your guests would be to order your dessert online from a shop offering cake delivery service to your doorstep.

By ordering online, you avoid unnecessary interactions and store visits, and you treat your guest to a professional dessert spread. This also helps you add variety and ensure that your vegan guests or those with specific food intolerances are also happy.

Throw An Outdoor Movie Night

While a birthday is a perfect cause for inviting people over, you don’t need a special occasion to de-stress with your closest friends and family. Another way to set up a laid-back, mellow gathering is to organize a movie night under the stars. All you need is an outdoor seating solution, be it a few of those picnic blankets or porch wicker chairs, and a solid projector screen for everyone to enjoy the movie while keeping their distance.

Prep tons of popcorn and cupcakes (or you can order them online), and of course, don’t forget something to keep mosquitos at bay, such as a repellent lantern, or a topical spray.

Prepare Lots Of Sanitizers And Protection

Finally, no matter if you’re organizing a daytime gathering for some drinks and barbecue, or you’ve opted for the evening movie event, you need to make sure that everyone practices certain precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

To make that happen, keep hand sanitizers and wet wipes near the food. Remind people that keeping the recommended distance is a great way to reduce your risk of infection, while still having a fun time together.

Of course, this is far from an ideal party situation, and while you can always stick to the virtual world and organize a Zoom call with your friends, you should also consider this safe alternative for your closest friends. Make sure that everyone’s healthy and that everyone can have fun, with plenty of sweet and savory treats to go around, and you’ll forget that you’re social distancing at all!

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