5 Foods To Cut Out Of Your Diet To Help Reverse A Fatty Liver

Fatty liver, or as it is more technically known, hepatic steatosis is a condition that describes an abnormal buildup of fats within the liver. The main causes of fatty liver varies, and it’s not exclusive to those people who regularly drink more than the recommended levels of alcohol. In fact there is such a thing as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which affects people who drink alcohol sparingly. While the causes cannot be pinpointed exactly, the disease is often linked to obesity, insulin resistance, high blood sugar, and high levels of triglycerides in the blood. Reversing fatty liver, is of course possible. In order to lower the amount of fats within your liver, you must start by reviewing your lifestyle and your food preferences.

In this article we will look at food intake, here are 5 foods to cut out of your diet to help reverse a fatty liver:


As mentioned already, alcohol is considered to be a major cause of abnormal fat accumulation within the liver. Drinking heavily inhibits the liver to break down fats efficiently, thus causing a buildup. The acetaldehyde found in alcoholic substances damages the liver cells, causing inflammation. This weakens liver function and results in slow fat metabolism, eventually leading to an unwanted buildup. Fatty liver develops when the body cannot metabolise fat fast enough and so it starts to accumulate in liver cells.

Added Sugar

While it is not fully clear as to whether a high fat, high sugar diet directly results in having fatty liver, both are certainly considered as contributing factors and should therefore be avoided where possible. Aim to avoid eating foods with added sugar such as cookies, candies, soda, and fruit juices. High blood sugar levels contributes to an increased buildup of fat in the liver. The two sugar molecules fructose and glucose are metabolised differently: glucose can be processed by every cell in the body, but fructose on the other hand can only be metabolised by the liver. A little bit of it won’t hurt, as the liver converts it to glycogen, but excess fructose will be turned into fat, which is something you don’t want lingering in your liver.


To help reverse fatty liver, you should avoid eating foods that use highly processed white flour. We’re talking about rice, white bread, pasta, potatoes and a lot more. Reducing your carbohydrate intake can help reduce the buildup of fats in your liver, especially for people who are already overweight or obese. A low carbohydrate diet has a lot of health benefits, as aside from improving your liver fat metabolism, it can also improve metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular conditions.

Fried Foods

We all know that fried foods are high in fat and calories, and the thing about reversing fatty liver is that it is a lifestyle change. It will involve a complete turnaround from your old unhealthy eating habits, but it could do absolute wonders for your health. Fat and sugar are two of the most villainous food components out there and you should avoid them if you are trying to treat your fatty liver condition.


Eating too much salty foods may cause water retention. It is advisable to consume less than or equal to 1,500mg of sodium per day. According to studies, high levels of salt in your diet could lead to misshapen liver cells, causing cell death and lower rates of cell division, which could gravely impact liver functions.

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