5 Healthy Breakfasts You Need To Try This Week

A healthy breakfast is not what it seems. You don’t have to have a bowl of cereal with lots of milk. Milk is good for you, but you should not have it every day. There are some better healthy breakfasts that you can try this week. Check this lot out:

Banana And Nut Mash

Bananas are a great breakfast fruit because they can be digested quickly and their energy will last you all the way to lunchtime. However, nuts are just as good because they release energy that you can use immediately. Select whatever kind of nuts you like and then slowly heat them up on a frying pan. You can use butter to stop them from burning. Then when they have softened, put them into a bowl and start mashing and crunching them. Add the bananas in and keep mashing. When it’s the consistency you like, scoop it onto a plate and enjoy.

It Just Works

Bacon and eggs is a brilliant breakfast for a number of reasons. Firstly, you get fat and protein from the eggs. The yolk has plenty of vitamins and minerals, while the white has good healthy protein that can be digested quickly. Bacon is good for you if it’s organic and has been air-dried. Smoking is good but it should be done in an open-air room. So look for organic bacon to have the highest chance of this.

A New Toast

Sometimes bread cannot be avoided. It’s easy, cheap and it gives you a good amount of energy. But hold back on your slices. You can put this hemp peanut butter on it from this health food store and then slices of grapes on top. The hemp peanut butter is also going to soothe your nerves, relaxing any tension points in your body. That’s just the type of food you need before you leave for work. The grapes will sweeten the toast, and give you a burst of energy. Perfect for healthy breakfasts.

Chocolate And Fruit

Chocolate mixed with fruit, who could resist? Get yourself chocolate that is organic as it will have fewer chemicals and added sugar. Cut up any kind of fruit you love, such as bananas, berries, apples, oranges, etc. Then make the chocolate into little chunks that can fit onto your spoon and then pour some honey over the fruit to make each piece sticky and thus, easier to scoop up.

Apple Bites

Cut an apple into six slices. Flatten the edges. Then cover each slice with granola and peanut butter. Drizzle melted chocolate over the top and that’s it, enjoy. It’s so easy and simple, the only thing that might take time is melting chocolate but here is how you can keep your chocolate soft so you can pour it over the top straight from the fridge.

Anyone can make these healthy breakfasts at home. There’s no excuse for you not trying at least one of these this week. Let us know which one it was and any extra bits you added to one of them to make it better.

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