5 Outdoor Fall Date Ideas

Fall is the most romantic season, with so many opportunities to cozy up to one another and enjoy the beautiful outdoors as the seasons change. There are also many inexpensive opportunities to have fun outdoors without sweating your buns off or freezing during activities. Creating the perfect outdoor date night is easy with these fun ideas.

1. Visit A Corn Maze

Corn mazes are quintessential for fall and make the perfect date idea. They’re so fun and visually appealing that you’ll likely have a great time, even if the date doesn’t work out. Haunted corn mazes are even more exciting if you like the spooky season.

Corn mazes help you embrace the outdoors during the best season of the year and offer bonding opportunities as you work together to find your way out of the labyrinth. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are also excellent date ideas during fall.

2. Throw A Movie Marathon

If you are a horror film fan, grab a projector and set up a little outdoor theater for a movie marathon. Many Halloween-themed movies aren’t scary, so you could opt for those if you aren’t a fan of blood and guts. Any sort of movie marathon is a perfect date night idea for fall since you can cozy up to each other.

You can order takeout, watch movies, cook for each other and enjoy a fun-filled evening under a few blankets. What better way to enjoy time with your significant other than rewatching some of your favorite films? You could prompt each other to choose your favorite scary movie and delight in each other’s choices for fun.

3. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is excellent for fall weather when it isn’t too hot or cold outside and you can peacefully enjoy the outdoors. Go for a stroll on horseback and experience a new aspect of nature from a different perspective.

Horseback riding has many health benefits — a bonus for this perfect fall date idea. You can burn calories, engage your core and improve your posture and coordination. It could also help relieve stress and anxiety, which might be great if this is your first date.

4. Have a Bonfire

A bonfire can provide an intimate setting, whether in a backyard, camping ground or alongside a river or lake. They’re perfect for parties but can also suffice for a party of two. You can set up your bonfire any way you like, but a fire pit is necessary for fire safety. Cuddle up under some blankets on hay bales or sit on the ground for the ultimate outdoor experience.

You could even have an outdoorsy dinner with picnic food by the bonfire or settle next to the fire for dessert. S’mores are a staple at any bonfire and can be a cute way to bond with your date. Set a tent and camp outside with your date if you want to make it an overnight date — you can even star gaze as a bonus!

5. Go On A Haunted Hayride

A haunted hayride is an excellent opportunity to cozy up to your partner on a date night. Spooky dates can get your adrenaline pumping and make you want to hold onto your date for dear life if you scare easily. Haunted houses, hayrides and corn mazes are seasonal treats you only get to experience once a year, plus it’s a unique way to get to know someone.

There are haunted hayrides and farms all over the U.S., with at least one in each state. You can easily turn a haunted hayride into a group or double date for extra fun. They can also be a super romantic date idea — who doesn’t want someone to hold their hand when they’re frightened?

Unique Dates In The Fall Season

Autumn air is crisp and the weather usually makes a nice transition into cooler temperatures that are perfect for bonfire nights and pumpkin patches. These date ideas are phenomenal for groups and couples alike.

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