5 Powerful Personal Growth Practices to Start Today

There is no such thing as perfection. However, everyone can strive to grow and better themselves each and every day. Personal growth happens both passively and actively and naturally, as we progress through life, we will learn different lessons and shift. Our values change, our experiences change and thus change our perspective, and as we’re exposed to more of life we inherently evolve – or devolve. Some aspects of how we change can’t be helped, but we also have the power to take hold of personal growth and mould it ourselves.

Personal growth doesn’t necessarily have to mean getting another degree or certification. It doesn’t require becoming a yogi and undergoing a total immersive yoga experience overseas. Both of these examples can certainly be part of your personal growth journey if you like, but just as powerful changes can take place on a daily basis.

Here are five powerful personal growth practices you can start today:

Actively Listening

The majority of people aren’t actually listening to people around them. They’re waiting for their turn to talk. This is exacerbated by the fact that we’re used to, and seek, constant stimulation. If you feel like your brain is always working, it’s probably because it is! Actively listening to those around you takes work and practice. You can offer some non-verbal cues that you’re listening, such as nodding, but challenge yourself not to try and come up with responses when it’s your turn to talk. This is a powerful skill that will require regular attention.

Listen To Educational & Informative Podcasts

You probably have some chunks of time every day where you engage in some passive entertainment. Maybe it’s listening to the radio on your way to work or while at your desk. Instead of always reaching for the “junk” entertainment, try out some podcasts. This is an easy, free, and effective way to learn something new, keep up with the news, or get introduced to some new practices. Check out the best-of lists to find a podcast you’ll fall in love with.

Be Honest With Yourself

This is another way of saying listen to your gut. We live in a society where addiction to everything from technology to opioids is running rampant, and substance abuse is an issue for many of us. We’re also in a society where self-deprecation is the norm. Your inner voice has probably been screaming to point out some red flags, whether it’s the fact that you have addictive tendencies, aren’t getting enough sleep, or aren’t actually happy in your work. We can always improve ourselves, and being honest with ourselves is the first step. Don’t let yourself stay in the trap of allowing the pressures of society or others to dictate your happiness. Only you know what health and happiness is for you. Follow that path.

Turn Off The Screen

It can start with little steps. Put your phone on airplane mode for certain slices of time each day. Read a real book instead of a Kindle. When you’re done with work for the day, be done. Don’t allow work emails to infiltrate your off-work time. One way to start is by downloading an app that tells you how often you check your phone – that can be a real reality check.

Make Time For Friends & Fitness

Doing cardio for at least 150 minutes per week, strength and balance training, and saying yes to spending time with those you really want to spend time with should all be priorities. Without health, happiness, and friendship, what are we doing it all for?

Remember that personal growth is a journey with no final destination in sight. Enjoy the ride and identify what you can do to benefit your own personal journey.

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