5 Reasons To Avoid Taking Opiods For Pain Management

Many people take opiods to help deal with pain. However, it is not good to rely on such medication for pain management, because of the reasons we will go on to discuss below. You can live painfree without opiates if you adopt other pain relief management options. We will discuss the five main reasons why you should avoid taking opiods in this article so that you are fully aware of the potential harm that opiates can cause. Remember the best pain management option is prevention, but due to lifestyle changes, stress and existing health conditions, one may still experience pain from time to time. It is always good to seek medical attention in case you suffer from any form of pain. You may also request alternative pain management medication, should you believe that your current medication is not working out for you Your doctor can recommend other methods of pain relief to cure the pain, especially if you are experiencing mild pain.

Here are 5 reasons to avoid taking opiods for pain management:

Side Effects

Regular use of opiods may cause various side effects. Some of the main side effects include a reduced breathing rate, sedation and sleep disturbance. Anxiety and depression are other side effects associated with regular use of opiates. These side effects will cause withdrawal symptoms on the victims. Some people will also suffer from constipation, abdominal cramps and mind fogginess when they start using these drugs. That is why it is advisable to opt for alternative pain management methods.


Opiods are addictive and people who use them on a regular basis may develop a tolerance for such medication. It will be harder for such people to be treated with opiods since the body will not respond to this type of medication. Addiction may also lead to dependence and this makes it impossible for someone to function well without taking the opiods. The withdrawal symptoms may last up to three days, which will interfere with your work and lifestyle. That is why you should avoid taking opiods as much as possible.  Using them regularly can lead to dependence and this is not good for your health.

Long-Term Pain Relief Is Not Possible

Some health conditions require indefinite pain management. Using opiods may be effective at first, but their effectiveness decreases with time. Patients who suffer chronic pain should, therefore, opt for alternative pain management methods that may help to eventually cure the pain entirely.

Drug Overdose

Using opiods with other medication may cause a drug overdose. Several deaths are reported yearly due to a drug overdose and some well known celebrities have died due to drug reactions. That is why when a doctor prescribes any medication, it is important to reveal other over the counter drugs that you may be taking. This is especially so if you are taking opiods or opiods based drugs. You should avoid taking opioids if you are on Benzodiazepines drugs. You should also avoid taking alcohol if you are on opiods and generally when you are on any medication.

Drug Abuse

Prescription opiods based drugs for painkillers are the most abused drugs according to research. People share such medication without advice from the doctor. Some people may also accidentally take expired medication or may not follow the right dosage. Children may also abuse such drugs if they are not kept safe.

Pain management procedure should be holistic in nature. Stress reduction, physical therapy and natural pain relief methods are some of the best pain management methods that you should consider.

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