5 Reasons You Need a Subscription Box in your Life!

A trend that started off in the US and has now crossed over the pond to the UK, the subscription box is HUGE business right now.

Popular with time poor, product loving, pleasure seeking consumers, it is now possible to sign up to a diverse range of boxes to suit almost any interest.

Just, take a look at these:

As you can see the choice is limitless, so before you sign up to anything, put your credit card away and have a read of the reasons we think you need a subscription box in your life!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Subscribe!

It’s like your birthday EVERY month!

It’s fab getting stuff in the post that isn’t bills and takeaway menus isn’t it? But unfortunately, birthday and Christmas aside it doesn’t really happen that much. Which is why we love subscription boxes SO much! Receiving a box every month is like a little reward to yourself for simply being the awesomeness that is, well…YOU.

birthdayWe all deserve a treat every now and then and what better way to perk up your day than to get home from work and find a present waiting for you on your doorstep? Plus, unless you keep track of absolutely everything in your life, which lets face it most of us have got far better things to be doing, you’ll probably have forgotten that you even signed up for the subscription; making it an even BIGGER surprise!

And to top it all off, although some companies allow you to choose which products you would like in your box, most will select things for you, so you have absolutely no idea what you’re getting.

You get to try new products

Subscription boxes are packed full of exciting new products, often from start up companies looking to expand their market and promote their brand. The good news for you is that you get to try products that may not be easily available to buy. It also means that you get to try things that you might not have necessarily chosen yourself, which could result in you discovering for example, the perfect moisturiser or the tastiest, most nutritious snack bar.

Someone else does all the hard work for you

Rather than trawl around loads of different shops on a mission to buy individual items, subscription boxes curate all the best products, package it up and then deliver it straight to your door. In theory you don’t even need to get out of bed, well apart from making sure you answer the door to the delivery person of course! The team of experts that put the boxes together have extensive and up to date industry knowledge about the newest products in that field; which are the healthiest, on trend, highest quality etc., which means you just need to sit back and wait for them to do what they do best. A good quality subscription box will come complete with a card detailing each item in the box, why it was selected, maybe a bit about each product or the company and, if relevant, instructions on how to use a product.

It saves you money

Now I know some of these boxes may seem expensive and it might seem way too much of a luxury to be spending out on something like this every month.

save moneyWait for it…here comes the but…

BUT if you were to take each individual item from within a box and add up the separate cost, there is absolutely no question that the total would come to a lot more. In fact there are many boxes that have a contents value of double, triple and sometimes even quadruple what the box is going to cost you. Subscription box companies work by either approaching products to be featured in their boxes or, as is more often the case, they invite brands to apply for entry into their boxes. This means they can negotiate a better deal and pass on those savings to their customers.

For those boxes that are not custom picked by the customer, they also need to factor in that not every product within a box is going to be to the customers taste. This means that the value of a box must reflect and account for this.

Many subscription boxes have varying price brackets and usually have something for every pocket. Plus most allow you to trial a box for a month before committing to a longer subscription and there are usually options for 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

Because it’s a life saver!

It’s so inconvenient when you run out of that magic formula that miraculously straightens your hair, or what about when you’re rushing out to work and you need some breakfast on the go, but the cupboards are bare…? OK so it’s not exactly a matter of life or death, I realise that, but the beauty of having a subscription box sent to you each month is that it can certainly get you out of a few sticky situations!

emergencypresentAs I mentioned above, most of us have usually forgotten about things we’ve signed up for, well certainly after the first couple of months at least. So, when that magical, surprise box arrives and you open it up to reveal all the amazing, beautiful contents, I’m pretty certain there’s going to be at least one product in there that’s going to help you out.

It could be that you’ve forgotten a friend’s birthday and you need a present pronto. Et voilà a lovely new product that fits the bill perfectly, or perhaps if you’re feeling really generous maybe even the entire box…but that might be stretching it a bit far.

So, there you have it, 5 fabulous reasons why you need to sign up to one, or if you’re feeling completely frivolous maybe even more, of the fabulous and diverse array of shiny, new, exciting and packed to bursting subscription boxes out there!

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