5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Shoes For Parkour

Just like any other sport, in order to perform better and faster in parkour, you need to have the appropriate gear. Since parkour is all about running, jumping, and landing correctly, you need to have proper running shoes. Parkour is an extremely intense sport, which is why you need to be very clear when it comes to purchasing the right sole of the shoe along with a variety of other different factors. You also need to consider a lot of things in order to prevent injury. While it is true that parkour shoes are usually expensive, if you hunt around there are actually affordable ones, but you need to be careful about deciding which ones work best for you.

Here are our top five tips for choosing the best shoes for parkour.

Check The Weight

One important factor that you should consider when buying a pair of parkour shoes is the weight of them. Parkour shoes are usually a lot heavier than normal running shoes, but you don’t want something that is far too heavy that it will prevent you from jumping and gaining height. Your parkour shoe has to be lightweight and comfortable, which in turn will give you more confidence in doing your movements. It is important that once you wear it, you feel as if it becomes at one with your body.

Get The Right Sole

It is highly recommended that you choose parkour shoes that have a one-piece sole that will last longer. Often, having two or multiple sole shoes won’t allow you to perform your best, because it tends to fall off sooner. Since parkour involves running and landing, it is important that the shoe sole provides you with the right grip to help you improve your parkour skills.

Give Importance To The Shoes’ Flexibility

When it comes to choosing the best parkour shoes, importance must be placed on the flexibility and comfort they provide, especially when you are running or jumping around. Make sure that your shoes’ material has the right stiffness to protect your ankles, but at the same time it should also be flexible enough that it will not disrupt your movements. Parkour is an intense sport that gives you the freedom to do whatever stunts you need, which is why you need the right shoes that will help protect you whether you are jumping, vaulting, or climbing.

Get A Grip

You won’t be doing parkour on the same surface all of the time so make sure your shoes are able to grip on different types of surfaces. Keep in mind however, that if a surface is slippery or unstable, you should avoid it altogether. Do not risk trying out your shoes if you have proven a surface is unstable, otherwise you run the risk of injury and accidents.

Check The Durability

Since parkour is an extreme sport, you can’t really expect your shoes to last more than a year. In fact, they will probably only last a few months, especially if you are constantly wearing them. That is why durability is such an important factor. Find a pair that can last you as long as possible. Look for reviews on shoes that mention how durable they are and at the same time, relate it to how much they cost.

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