5 Unexpected Ways To Boost Your Health

If you’re all about leading a healthy lifestyle and feeling like your very best self every day, you probably have all the bases covered when it comes to the standard methods of achieving your health and wellness goals. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Of course, there are always little unexpected habits and tricks that can actually make a big difference in the long run.

Whether you already have the big stuff down pat and you’re looking to boost your health in any other ways you can or you’re looking for ways to ease into the health and wellness, these methods of bringing a little extra health into your life might be a little bit unexpected, but when you turn them into habits, you may just find that they work like a charm.

1. Start Journaling

Journaling is a great practice when it comes to boosting your emotional health, but it can also do so much more than that. In addition to reducing stress, lifting your moods and clearing up your brain fog, journaling can have real health benefits — many of which are related to the reduced stress over time. Journaling can be helpful in boosting immune function and helping maintain a better memory.

One of the beauties of journaling is that there are so many ways to get started and keep to it. You can write whatever’s on your mind or go with prompts like gratitude journaling. You can try for a list format, a few sentences or go for pages on pages. The more you do it, the more benefit you’ll see.

2. Turn In Early

Not everybody is a morning person, but for those who love to get in the groove, heading to bed a little earlier than usual can help you find your footing so your rest feels even more fulfilling. While yes, it may feel a bit silly for an adult to have a bedtime, it can bring so much more pep to your days. Making a habit out of going to sleep at an earlier time can help put you on a regular sleep schedule, which is great for your long term health.

Particularly, rising with the sun can be a great way to make the most out of your day and feel present and rejuvenated when you wake up. Having a solid sleep schedule makes sure you get the most out of your rest and your days. Plus, it can reduce stress and help with your internal body functions.

3. Get More Sunlight

Of course everyone knows the importance of vitamin D! While spending time in the sun often means getting outdoors for some exercise, that doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact, simply relaxing in the sun can bring a slew of health benefits into your life, and all you have to do is soak up those rays. The vitamin D from the sun can help with healthy bones and heart function, and exposure to sunlight in the mornings can help you sleep better at night.

It’s important to make sure that even when you’re lounging around in the light, you protect yourself appropriately. Too much sun exposure can cause sunburns and even long term damage like skin cancer. Make sure that when you spend time outside, you wear a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin while you bask in the benefits.

4. Hug It Out

Hugging, cuddling and physical affection can actually improve your health — who would have thought? Cuddling releases oxytocin into the body, which is a feel-good chemical that works to relieve stress. Due to the release of this hormone, you may find that your mood consistently improves when you make hugs a regular habit. In addition, oxytocin can boost the immune system, help you form bonds and improve your sleep quality.

Many experts say that hugging even for a few seconds can help to release this feel good chemical and boost all the amazing benefits that come along with it. Building in space for physical affection with your loved ones, whether they’re your kids, significant other or even close friends is a great way to experience the many benefits.

5. Cut the Coffee

Caffeine can be a bit addicting, and cutting it out can prove difficult, but worth it in the long run. No matter what your drink of choice is, coffee can impact your sleep patterns, your dental health, hormones and blood pressure. Staying away or even cutting back can actually bring you more energy in the long run and leave you less reliant on external substances.

Feeling Strong

Even the little things can sometimes make a big difference. No matter how deep you are into your wellness journey, putting a few unexpected habits into practice can bring a world of difference you never thought possible.

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