5 Ways To Gain Muscle Mass (Fast & Effectively!)

Whether you’re a skinny guy or just wanting to beef up your workout routine and take it to a whole new level, one of the most commonly sought questions you and your friends must frequently be asking is how to gain muscle mass…quickly. This question is inescapable as most of us are whimsically under the impression that we can do this task at such a fast pace.

But, what if there are indeed ways that are now proven and tested to develop these muscles faster? What if I told you that some of these could, in fact, be done right at home? Today, we’ll be unveiling to you the quickest ways to gain these muscles in a snap.

1. Everything Starts With A Training That Emphasises Strength

As with most main parts of the body, your workout that solely focuses on building muscles should commence from engaging yourself with the essential exercises that beef up your strength. This should not only result in being able to lift an improved and heavier weight in general, but ultimately, it should stimulate the growth of your muscles.

To get you started, you can look into doing exercises for your chest such as bench press, deltoid routines like an overhead press, barbell rows for your back strength, and leg squats.

2. Perform HIIT

While light workouts may do you good in building some muscles, these activities won’t multiply and build your muscles that much. Seasoned gym goers would always remind you that if you want to get those muscles pumping, HIIT or workouts with high intensity routines are absolutely crucial.

Start by engaging yourself in thirty to forty-five minute sessions under high-intensity activities for three to four times a week. The results can be optimised by making each of them as intense as your body can handle. As for lifting, ensure that you do them quickly, but slowly, when you begin lowering them. More importantly, make certain that you perform them with the right technique and always have good form.

3. Rotation Of Muscle Groups

When gaining muscles, try not to focus on the same groups for the whole week. Practice alternating the other groups so that you don’t damage your muscles. By rotating them, you’ll be able to even out the growth of your muscles, making you appear more stable and balanced physically.

To do this, you may perform the following exercises relative to groups in this order:

  • Chest, shoulders, and back and abs area.
  • Legs, triceps, and biceps.
  • Begin doing your abs and chest again.

And while we’re discussing rotation, I think it’s also important to understand the importance of avoiding “plateaus” when performing these exercises. As such, when you begin to feel like you’re doing the same thing and and lifting the same weight numerous times, try modifying your weight and switching up your exercises.

4. The Right Kind Of Diet For Gaining Muscles

Watching our food intake is as important as our physical activities. As such, you need to determine which types of food are the ones that should get those muscles growing! With this in mind, go for foods that have high calories in them. These calories can be obtained through nutritious whole foods such as protein-enriched foods like meats, eggs, and dried beans. You may also get them from potatoes with butter, margarine, sour cream, or even cheese.

Avocado should also be at the top of your list. Along with other fruits, this alternative should come with rich fibre and vital nutrients. Other foods with high calories or protein are peanut butter, tofu, eggnog, milkshakes, croissants, buttermilk biscuits, and granola.

You’re also recommended to eat the following: whole milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and sour cream.

Now, if you want to gain these muscles fast, ensure that you consume these foods more than you’d usually take them. When you eat a lot of these, you’ll have more fuel for your body to build muscles.

5. Sleep A Lot When You Can

Yes, sleeping is imperative when you factor all of these in with your regimen. It’ll provide your muscles that much-needed chance to grow and rebuild more. An ideal sleep is between 8 to 9 hours, but you can still cap your day with at least 7 hours.

Final thoughts

Building muscles at a faster rate not only requires you to perform certain physical activities and take in nutritious foods, but it is essentially more about going that extra mile, especially if you want those results to be visible in a few weeks. Of course, one must understand and observe the value of discipline and perseverance when going for a goal like this. When these are achieved, it culminates to a reliable and more efficient output that you could ever aspire for.

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