5 Ways To Incorporate Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

It’s no secret that our lives are busier than ever. Between working (likely more than one job), getting enough sleep, preparing healthy meals, and making time for socializing with friends, it can feel like there’s no room in your daily routine for exercise.

Having to skip out on the gym day after day can take a toll on your health and, over time, make it really hard to get back into healthy habits. But what if there was a way to incorporate exercise into your schedule without feeling overwhelmed?

We’re confident that when there’s a will, there’s a way – you might just need some inspiration. Try one or all of these fitness hacks that will help you make the most of your time and keep you looking and feeling your best.

Dress For Success 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will of heard all about the athleisure trend. With more and more options for diverse athletic wear and increasingly relaxed office dress codes, why not take advantage of this trend and dress for success  – both in the office and at the gym.

Finding an athleisure style that suits your tastes and your job will make it easier to get your workout in as time allows. Think about it: you can easily exercise in the time it would take you to gather your things and change after work. Take yourself on a shopping trip to get the essentials: a few pairs of opaque leggings, work-appropriate tops made from moisture-wicking materials, and shock-absorbing running shoes you can comfortably wear all day.

Walk During Your Lunch Break

If you’re being honest, how often do you actually make good use of your lunch hour? Of course, you deserve a break to recharge your batteries, but what if you used 30 minutes to eat and relax and the other half of your lunch to get some exercise in? After all, exercise is a great way to boost your energy to avoid that midday slump.

Instead of spending that hour sitting around scrolling aimlessly through social media, take a fast-paced walk around your business complex or at a nearby park. Don’t forget to wear your fitness tracker to see how much your daily walks are paying off!

Turn Walking Your Dog Into A Workout

Don’t have time for a walk at lunch? If you have to walk your dog after work anyways, why not take that opportunity to get your heart pumping? To make your dog walk a workout, you could try jogging, or if you’re not much of a runner, combine different exercises you can do while on the move. Lunges, side steps, and burpees are easy to integrate throughout your walk.

Make your destination your local park or beach where you can do a short workout, and maybe even a few minutes of fetch. Plus, the walk there and back makes the perfect warm-up and cool-down.

Find A Gym That’s Convenient

Trying to make it to your gym across town in 5:00 p.m. traffic can eat up a lot of time. Instead of going out of your way, find a gym that’s conveniently located on your way home. The time you save from sitting in traffic should free up space in your schedule for a decent workout. There are plenty of gyms known for having a lot of locations.

If you happen to be looking for a new job, you might even want to prioritise companies that have an on-site gym. With the recent boom in health and fitness, this is actually more common than you might think.

Start By Doing Workout Routines That Are 10 Minutes Or Less  

While most health gurus recommend workouts that last 30 to 45 minutes, that’s a lot of time to dedicate if your schedule is already hard to manage. But what about 10 minutes? Surely, you have five to 10 minutes somewhere in your day where you can get in a quick workout. Whether it’s when you first get up, right when you get home from work, or while your dinner is in the oven, a 10 minute H.I.I.T. (high-intensity interval training) workout can blast calories.

Download a daily workout app that offers a variety of short exercise routines you can try.

Remember, fitness is important to your overall well-being so don’t let a hectic schedule get in your way. If these 5 workout tips don’t work for you, brainstorm other ways you can fit your workout in.

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