6 Facts And Myths About Healthy Eating

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Just like anything else in the world, there are certain myths about the food that we eat. It doesn’t have to be proven; it’s enough for one person to start a rumour that eating eggs too often is unhealthy because of the amount of cholesterol contained within them and this will be perceived as a fact in no time at all.

Well, guess what?

Some of these things are simply myths, so take a look at some instances of myths that you may have been believing in and let’s debunk these myths once and for all.

Eating At Night Makes You Fat

The truth here is a bit more complex, as everything depends on your own personal eating habits. As long as you don’t exceed your daily calorie intake, you shouldn’t gain any fat, no matter what time you eat. However, there is some truth that eating at night can indeed be a bit complicated. If you indulge in the munchies late at night, you might feel full the next morning which can furthermore affect your daily eating habits. So, there’s nothing wrong with eating at night, but pay attention to what you’re eating or drinking. It’s very important to eat foods that are low in sugar as you want to keep your blood sugar from spiking while you’re sleeping.

All Ready-to-Buy Food Is Unhealthy

Some people say that abs are made in the kitchen. Perhaps. But it’s also said that you should always cook at home and have home-cooked meals as they are healthier. Even though this might be true to a certain extent, there are certain meals that you can buy that are still very healthy. This is perhaps the biggest problem for people who are constantly working and have no time to cook for themselves. Opting for having healthy meals delivered is a great option, and even though you didn’t cook them yourself, they are still the healthiest option you can end up with. You can choose the dish that you want to eat, take a look at the ingredients and make a plan for the whole week. It’s definitely a great option for everyone who wants to eat healthily but has no time to cook at home and bring their lunch with them to work.

Diet Soda Is better Than Regular Soda

How many times did you purchase a diet soda because you’re “trying to be healthier”? It’s true that diet sodas contain fewer calories than regular sodas. However, there are more hidden and harmful ingredients in diet sodas than you may know. Diet soda has its own artificial sweetener, which serves as the substitute for sugar and can do damage to your body and your teeth. It makes your body want more sugar, which is definitely an unhealthy option. Don’t think that regular soda is any better, though! If you consume soda regularly, you have 20% more chance of having a heart attack, but you will also be more likely to develop asthma, tooth cavities and osteoporosis, not to mention the damage it’s doing to your teeth!

Vitamin C Will Help You Be Healthier

Every time you feel like you’re catching a slight cold, you run to the supermarket and stack your fridge with oranges and lemons, as vitamin C can keep you healthier. Well, this is not always the case. Several instances of research have shown that vitamin C does not ward off colds, except among marathoners, skiers and soldiers on sub-Arctic exercises.

Kale Is The Healthiest Vegetable

Everyone expects kale to be the healthiest of all vegetables. The Center for Disease Control has recently released a list of fruits and vegetables ranked by nutrient density, and kale is surprisingly not on top of the list, but actually 15th. It even ranked after greens such as watercress, chard and spinach. However, kale does contain an abundance of vitamins, including vitamins A, K, C and B6. Apart from that, this vegetable is also rich in manganese, calcium and folate. This means that if you’re not eating your kale very often, you can always opt to drink kale smoothies.

Avoid Eggs Because Of Cholesterol

People say you should pay attention to the number of eggs you eat, and that you are not supposed to eat eggs more than three times a week because of the high amounts of cholesterol. The latest research shows that they don’t actually contribute to this – in fact, eggs are a source of many nutrients such as iron, zing, zeaxanthin and vitamin D.

Did this change your dietary plans for today? Well, never mind, as you should eat what you want, and if you want to eat eggs every single day, do so (well okay, perhaps not every day!).

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