6 Home Improvement Ideas

We all want to add value to our homes, not just as a home investment for potential resale but also to enhance our own joy of living in a beautiful home. Making home improvements is one of the best methods of investing in the value of your house.

DIY Home Improvement

If you can carry out your own house improvements without paying for a tradesperson, all the investment will go into your home.

Here are a few simple home improvements you can make.

Revamp Your Radiators

Radiators are no longer simply a functional appliance in your home. You can now buy radiators in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours. For example, vertical radiators make a huge style statement as well as saving space in awkward room layouts. Heated towel rails add luxury to a bathroom.

You can buy radiator paint if you want to transform an existing radiator, or you could purchase new radiators from a radiator specialist. Installing a radiator is easier than you think, and you’ll find videos online to support any installation instructions that come with the radiator.

Freshen Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

A whole kitchen overhaul isn’t always necessary. If the carcasses of your kitchen cabinets are sound, then updating the doors is all you need to do. The simplest task is to buy new door handles or knobs like these from Design Theory Hardware. Or you can remove the doors, sand them down and paint them in a fresh, on trend colour. There are also companies that will just provide new cabinet doors so all you need to do is take down the old and add the new.

Add Contemporary Coving

Often overlooked, coving can define the style of a room. The absence of coving can leave a room feeling incomplete. Adding period-appropriate coving to a Victorian or Georgian home, for example, can increase the authenticity of the property. Modern coving can add the finishing touch to the latest interior design. Adhering coving is a simple DIY task if you are confident cutting mitre corners.

Professional Home Improvements

There are some home improvements that require a higher set of skills. If simple DIY is where you draw the line, you will need to get a professional tradesperson to carry out the following home improvements.

Besides your improvement/remodeling plans, your home’s functionality is dependent mainly on its appliances. Consider protecting them with a home warranty. It offers comprehensive coverage plans for your most home systems and appliances, which can reduce the repair and replacement costs of your systems and appliances.

Add A Conservatory

A conservatory adds another reception room to your home. You will get to enjoy the light and extended living space that a conservatory provides. Plus, if you ever put your house on the market, you can list an extra living room which will appeal to more potential purchasers and add to the asking price.

Make sure to balance out what you lose in garden space with what you gain in living space. Even a small conservatory will add value with a well thought out design.

Level Up Your Loft

A loft which is insulated, boarded and has a fitted ladder becomes an appealing storage space. Life is made much easier when Christmas decorations, suitcases and those old children’ toys you can’t bear to part with have an easily accessible, organised area in which to be stored safely.

Going a few steps further and actually converting your loft is one of the home improvements which adds the most value to a property. It maximises space in a home and can accommodate a growing family – all beneficial to you and to potential purchasers.

Install Bifold Doors

Bifold doors have become a hot trend in home design in the last decade. Opening up a room to the outdoors creates a feeling of space and calm. They are a sizeable investment and require a specialist installation, but as a home improvement bifold doors add significant value to your home as well as enhancing your lifestyle.

After all, isn’t that what all home improvements should do?

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