Girls, You Can Do It! 6 Ways To Balance Professional And Personal Life

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Maintaining a work-life balance revolves around separating your personal and professional lives, without letting one interfere with the other. In order to preserve your mental and physical health, increase your productivity and become a more rounded person, everyone should achieve an adequate balance between these two aspects of their lives.

Listed below are 6 easy tips to help you achieve stability between your work and personal life:

Leave Your Work At The Office

The most important thing to do is to try to develop a mental on/off switch between your work and home, which will help establish a transitional phase between these two aspects of your life. Whether it is listening to music or audiobooks during your evening commute, running a few errands or keeping your personal appointments, try to find something that works best for you. Scheduling activities like these immediately after your working hours will also prevent you from spending those additional 15 minutes at the office, which can easily turn into several long hours.

Nurture Your Family Relationships

Maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with your family is the greatest source of inner satisfaction. If your career is damaging this relationship, both areas of your life will ultimately suffer. While some days when you need to work overtime are unavoidable, the problem arises when those days become common practice. When you make this personal relationship a priority, your productivity in the office will actually increase. If, however, you can’t always find the time to spend with your parents, a great alternative is to find a good support worker who will keep your parents’ company and cater to all of their needs.

Spend Time With Your Partner

Apart from maintaining a good relationship with your parents, don’t forget to foster the one you have with your significant other, as well. Even though they are the number one person by your side, your partner is often the first one to get neglected when you’re too busy with work and home. Start working on your relationship by devoting some time to each other and schedule weekly date nights to get closer to each other, feel rejuvenated and enjoy each other’s company. Nurturing this relationship will bring some excitement back into your partnership and it will help you check in with each other while sitting together with a glass of wine and talking about something other than your work life.

Limit Distractions And Time-Wasters

Many people tend to spend too much time on people or activities that add no value to their life – for instance, wasting time at work with a co-worker who is constantly venting and gossiping. While having rapports with your colleagues is a natural part of any business, avoid redundant email exchanges, casual internet surfing, long lunches and other distractions which make you less productive at work. Minimize the time you spend on activities that don’t enhance your career or your personal life. Without realizing it, we often get consumed by these habits that are making us much less efficient, but if you make a conscious effort to limit the time you spend on the internet and social media sites, you may even be able to leave work earlier and devote some time to yourself.

Get Moving

While it may seem almost impossible to make time for exercise when you have such a tight schedule, it can ultimately help you get more work done by relieving stress and boosting your energy levels, as well as your ability to concentrate. Research has shown that exercise helps you feel more alert and it also boosts your mood, positively impacting the way you feel for the rest of the day. Apart from clearing your head and improving your concentration, by working out regularly, you also get the chance to devote a little time to yourself during the day and forget about your worries.

Allow Yourself Some Time To Relax

Don’t always assume that you need to make big changes in order to bring more balance into your life – a little relaxation goes a long way. Start by setting realistic goals and slowly build more and more activities that are important to you into your schedule, such as spending an additional hour every week on your favourite hobby or planning a weekend getaway a few times a year. Even during a hectic day, you can spend 10 or 15 minutes doing something that will recharge your batteries, like reading a book, listening to music or simply taking a relaxing bath. You have to make time for the things that bring you joy.

Achieving balance between your personal and professional life is a never-ending process, as your needs will quite possibly be inconsistent throughout different periods of your life. Set some time aside about once every two months to reflect on your current work-life balance and realize whether you are happy with it and what areas of your life you could change. When you follow these 6 simple steps, you’ll have all the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve your optimal work-life balance.

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