6 Ways To Bring Your Hygiene to The Next Level

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Learning to take care of yourself starts at a very young age. Indeed it is our parents responsibility to take on the challenging task of teaching us all about regular care and personal hygiene. But there are people who make it to adulthood with a few gaps in their hygiene knowledge and routine. Keeping clean and keeping up a good appearance are essential life hacks that everybody should aim to obey.

Here are a few ways to maximize your hygiene and significantly improve your health in the process.

Wash Your Hands

It goes without saying that you should always wash your hands after going to the toilet. This habit will stop the spread of germs and keep us, and everyone we come into contact with, healthy. But something that is also quite important is washing your hands before and after every meal, as this will stop nasty germs getting into your body when you eat. You must also must wash your hands before preparing food, after playing with your pet, and even when entering the house from school or work. Money, car keys, bags and other accessories can carry bacteria so it is crucial to rinse off all those pests and keep the germs out of your system.

Pay Attention To Detail

Keeping the right hygiene isn’t only connected to washing, but also it’s about the little things. Every man should shave and trim his beard weekly, just make sure that you throw out old razors because they can be a home to many germs. Taking care of the beard does not only mean washing it and keeping it clean. There are many beard care products like beard butters, that contribute to the nourishment and health of the beard. One of the most important Men’s Shaving tips is prepping your face with some light exfoliator and warm water to soften the bristles, and using a quality shave gel or cream for a protective barrier between the skin and razor while providing the closest shave possible. After each shave, it’s important to splash cold water on your face to close pores, before applying an aftershave lotion or balm for a cooling sensation and protection against razor burn.Furthermore, it is crucial to trim your nails once a week as well. You can cut your nails easily after a bath, just don’t cut them too close to your skin, this can cause infections. Last but not least, wash your clothes regularly and always wear fresh and clean clothes. Change your clothes after a workout, use cotton underclothes and change them as often as you can.

Mouth Cleanliness

Good hygiene is without a doubt an essential component to good health. Kids learn how to properly brush their teeth at an early age, but unfortunately with time they lose that habit. Firstly, for perfect hygiene maintenance you should brush your teeth for a minimum two times per day, ideally it would be even better to brush them after every meal. By brushing your teeth you minimize the accumulation of mouth bacteria, also you prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Next, try to floss after each brushing to keep your gums strong and avoid your teeth getting loose. Above all, for completely healthy mouth hygiene you should aim to use a mouthwash at least once a day to help fight bad breath, and  use tongue scrapers to scrub the bacteria hiding under your tongue.

Clean Your ‘Intimates’ Properly

Of course this is rather a private issue, but it is of the utmost importance that where possible you avoid bad hygiene downstairs. Girls tend to have more issues than boys, so appropriate hygiene is a must. In addition to your regular daily shower, you may have to take some extra precautions to avoid urinary tract infections, bad odour, and even candida. That being said, you should try to wash your privates more often and bidets represent the best and the easiest way to do so. Modern bidets have multiple washing options, water streams are gentle and you can easily adjust the air temperature for a thorough wash. Plus that warm air dries your private parts after cleansing, so it is a great hygienic option.

Increase Your Shower And Bath Time

Every single person should aim to take a shower once a day before going to bed, or have a bubble bath at least once a week. However, in order to bring your hygiene to the next level, standing under the shower for a few minutes and flopping a bit of soap lather is simply just not good enough. For an even better hygienic upgrade, you should lather up a washcloth or a sponge with a lot of soap and scrub your entire body thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to rub your body vigorously everywhere and then rinse. Also, don’t look at the clock and don’t pay attention to the amount of water you will be using. For a decent wash, you need to put some effort into it, but you will feel more refreshed from a long luxurious shower than if you have had only a quick dip.

Use The Right Products To Smell Fresh And Clean

For that clean and hygienic feel, you actually don’t have to use extremely expensive products. Many deodorants, gels, and soaps contain chemicals and aluminum that can harm your skin and even cause some allergies and infections. A scentless odour-blocking deodorant can do wonders – they absorb moisture, keep moisture away from your clothes and minimize body odoor. What is more, try to avoid antibacterial soaps. Even if they might kill off the bacteria from your skin, they can also be extremely dry for it, so choose instead any other quality one. For your hair use a shampoo that has the least flowery and fruity scent, because those types of shampoos are full of chemicals.

You don’t have to stress too much about buying fancy products to maintain perfect hygiene, just focus on these essentials: shower and wash regularly, brush and floss, and add natural and light scents.

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