6 ways to wake up without coffee

With the winter months looming and sunrise creeping gradually later and later each day, we are back to having to get up when it’s barely light in the mornings. Of course you may be lucky enough to not have early morning responsibilities or commitments (kids, jobs etc!) and have the joy of a lie in until 8am or later each day, in which case it will always be full daylight when you arise.

However, for the majority of us getting up early is a standard weekday routine. We love to start the day with a strong morning coffee and who can deny that the aroma, warmth and taste of a good coffee is hard to beat. But, what are the alternative ways to wake up on these cold dark mornings?

  1. Sunshine – not always an option, but if the sun in out, catching a blast of rays as soon as the sun rises will tell your body clock it’s time to get up and wake up.
  2. Massage your pressure points – massaging your temples reduces fatigue and helps you stay alert. Other areas to focus on for a few minutes are; the point between your thumb and index finger, right below the knee cap, below the ball of the foot and the top of the head.
  3. Get some exercise – starting your day off with a brisk walk, cycle or swim can really help get the blood pumping and endorphins flowing. As well as getting your blood flow back on track after a nights slumber, it will really wake you up.
  4. Fuel up – often known as the most important meal of the day (though not scientifically proven) having a small healthy meal such as fruit or bran-based cereal will help give an energy boost as well as help your circulation. It is known to boost concentration too
  5. Hydrate! If you can face it, a blast of cold water first thing really does wake you up. Whether it’s a simple splash on the face, a cold shower, or even rubbing ice cold water over your body with soaked mittens (a technique known as ishwan) doing this will provide a natural energy boost, squash tiredness and it also works wonders for your circulation.
  6. Meditate – taking time to meditate first thing in the morning isn’t your typical energy booster, but for a mental awakening to clear your mind and wake you more gently, meditation works wonders. We are big fans of calm.com – a brilliant introduction for people that aren’t really sure how to meditate.
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