7 Blogs About all Things Health and Fitness That Are Worth a Read

Every day many new blogs that focus on health and fitness are created with over 4.5 million blog posts created daily. The estimated number of blogs is said to be over 600 million as of 2020. Each of these naturally focuses on different niches. The number of health and fitness blogs out there is also on the rise and this can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to locate one that suits your particular needs. With this in mind, you need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

You will find blogs about yoga, meditation, healthy and unhealthy eating habits, and different foods to self-improvement. While there might be thousands of health and fitness blogs out there, there are definitely those that stand out, The Art of Healthy Living included of course!

Below is a look at 7 other blogs with creative, knowledgeable, and innovative fitness tips related to health and fitness that are worth a read.

1. Oh She Glows

At Oh She Glows they feature a wide variety of vegan recipes. The recipes are from practical inspirations from Angela Liddon who is a cookbook author, with most being recipes for gluten-free and unprocessed foods. If you’re a lover of plant-based recipes and ideas, then these easy recipes will be a great way to enhance your holistic nutrition. They will also help you to face health-related challenges more naturally and healthily.

2. Lumo Bodytech

Lumo Bodytech is a blog packed with valuable information to help you live a healthy and active life. You will find different categories under fitness which include health information, exercising, running, body posture and pain-relieving exercises. The blog also has product reviewing, buying guides to help you find the best gym equipment, gym & fitness accessories, health gadgets etc.

If you are someone with a busy life, Lumo Bodytech has an array of technology, which makes it possible for you to exercise any time and from anywhere. Their use of technologically advanced equipment makes exercise fun and easier to promote health and wellness even with in-home exercise for a more fulfilling life. Visit Lumo Bodytech for more information and advice on health and wellness and learn how to use technological advancements to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

3. AFPA Fitness

AFPA fitness is an accredited school with some of the top nutrition professionals. Apart from offering accredited credentials in the fields of fitness, personal training, sports performance, holistic wellness and nutrition, the professionals also share their insights on the blog. On the AFPA blog, you will find tips on holistic living, how to reduce hunger without counting calories and tools that you can use which are right for you that are worth reading. Being a school that is recognized by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), their training is worth investing in.

4. Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition Stripped has a wide range of topics and articles on diet and nutrition topics combined with workout tips, popular food recipes and meal planning guides. McKel Kooienga, the founder and a registered dietitian has put up clear and concise articles on nutrition, health and wellness giving you the education tips that you need in your health and fitness journey.

5. ACE Fitness

The American Council on Exercise’s (ACE) blog is all about fitness.  The articles on the blog comprise fitness topics and exercises that are highly recommended by most professionals in the health and fitness sector. Exercises include strength, training, yoga and exercises for beginners that are scientifically proven to work to put an end to preventable diseases due to sedentary lifestyles. For exercise professionals, coaches and trainers, you can also get an NCCA-accredited ACE Certification once you are eligible to take and pass their ACE Certification Exam.

6. Roman Fitness Systems

Roman Fitness Systems is a blog with informative articles that enable you to achieve your fitness goals with the help of valuable information and helpful tips. You will find helpful tips both on diet and exercise as well as articles about supplementation. Whether you are looking at losing weight or gaining muscle, Roman Fitness Systems will help transform you into better and stronger versions of themselves by stopping overeating and even fostering the healthiest relationships with your body. Their world-class fitness coaches and fitness programs are also an added plus.

7. The Balanced Life

On the Balanced Life, you will find workouts, lifestyle tips, and nutritious recipes from Robin Long a fitness instructor who deeply understands the struggles that women face when trying to combine busy work schedules, house chores and workouts. The blog offers tips and programs that make health and fitness goals more doable and achievable especially if for very busy women.

Whether you are a beginner on your health and fitness journey or you’re looking to get certified, these blogs will enable you to achieve it. You can either go through all of them or choose those that resonate with your health and fitness goals and receive great, helpful and inspiring tips and training. And remember we’re always here to help you too.

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