7 Health Habits We Should All Adopt In Our 30s

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Regardless of what we’ve accomplished so far, most of us greet our thirties with a mixture of confusion, excitement, and strange existential dread. We’re hardly old, but we’re not as young as we used to be either, and this can make us a little worried. Feeling nervous and uncertain about your future is not uncommon, but in truth there’s really no need for so much anxiety. A lot of fun adventures and great opportunities are coming our way, and all we need to do is be prepared when they finally do come.

If you want your thirties to be a time of joy and prosperity, here are some habits that will help you make the best of this fun period in your life.

Start Standing Up For Yourself

Let’s kick this list off with something that relates to both your mental and physical health. Standing up for yourself is one of the most essential skills a person can have – rather than letting everyone else come first, it’s important to advocate for your own needs and do what you have to do to stay happy and healthy. Think about your goals, about the challenges you’re facing, and start making plans to spend more time on self-care and personal growth.

Be Regular With Your Appointments

When was the last time you saw your doctor? It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your GP and have a full-body checkup. It’s easy to coast along and rely on youth to keep you strong in your twenties, but now that you’re in your thirties you’ll have to start taking better care of yourself. Schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN as well, and check your reproductive health and fertility.

Seeing an optometrist is not a bad idea either – our sight tends to start degrading as we grow older, so now’s a good time to check your eyes or have professional glasses repairs to avoid problems with your vision. And another thing, find doctors that you trust. You’re far too mature to have to deal with uncomfortable, rude health practitioners who don’t seem to care about your wellbeing, so find people who’ll treat you and your body with respect.

Spend Less Time With Toxic People

Once you start ridding yourself of bad doctors, you can move on to ridding yourself of bad friends – bitter, negative people who spend all their time complaining and criticizing are not very good for our mental health. Now that you’re thirty, you can’t keep hoping that they might change someday or think that it’s your job to fix them. Let them go and focus your attention on people who deserve it. Being surrounded by positive friends and family members can really help ease your anxiety and give a huge boost to your energy and mental health.

Get Moving

If you don’t exercise, your metabolism is bound to slow down. To avoid extra pounds and difficulty with weight loss, it’s time to become more regular with your workouts – start jogging, swimming, doing yoga, or any other activity that you enjoy. You can also exercise at home to save time, money and to make it even easier. It really doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you stick to it, so that don’t feel forced into a workout that doesn’t inspire you.

Cook More Often

Learning how to cook is a great skill, and if you manage to find recipes for healthy, nutritious meals you’ll have a much easier time keeping your energy up, your waist trim, and your immune system strong. Even if you are blessed with an exceptionally fast metabolism, you should be wary of the dangers of “skinny-fat” that might be making you very unhealthy regardless of how skinny you look.

Fill Your House With Healthy Snacks

The easiest way to resist temptation is to remove it completely. Empty your house of all sugary, greasy snacks that do nothing for your health, and replace them with nutritious food. Greek yogurt, veggies of all kinds, raw nuts, hummus, fruit, and sardines are just some of the examples. You can also make your own peanut butter to avoid the added sodium and sugar that usually goes into this delicious snack and then spread some of that butter on whole wheat bread whenever you feel hungry.

Be Consistent With Your Skincare

As we age, our skin tends to become drier, and most of us need to update our routine if we’re to retain that youthful glow. To improve elasticity and help you stay wrinkle-free, consider using a good hyaluronic acid-based serum and maybe introducing retinol products that will help your face stay smooth. Retinol is currently the holy grail of skincare among dermatologists, but you have to introduce it into your regimen gradually because it’s quite potent and your skin will need time to adjust to it. All in all, simply be regular with product application and you’ll quickly see results.

Your mental and physical health could definitely benefit from these habits. Try introducing them into your life slowly and your thirties will be one of the greatest periods of your life.

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