7 Tips For Stylish Hair With Wigs

There are many benefits to wearing wigs. These include natural hair protection, greater confidence, convenience, and the ability to experiment with styles your hair does not permit. Many people wear them to flaunt straighter styles that might not be possible without damaging hair that is naturally curly. Unfortunately, the average user has no idea how to accentuate their wig and look stylish with it on. This post hopes to help with that. It will do this by offering seven tips you can use to ensure every time you put your wig on, you look great.

1. Buying Quality Wigs

The best way to ensure you look stylish in a wig is to buy one from a brand committed to empowering wearers and innovative wig installation. Luvme is such a brand. Luvme is dedicated to delivering uncompromising quality at an affordable price, ensuring no barriers restrict you from looking your best. They consider their clients partners, deeply valuing their feedback and cherishing their loyalty. The brand is beloved for its wet and wavy wigs, crafted from human hair. The advantage of buying quality wigs from a reliable vendor is that you won’t have to worry about deterioration. You can also benefit from innovative installation, something Luvme has pioneered. To determine a brand’s suitability, read their reviews. A company’s reviews can tell you a lot about them and help you to decide if they are right or wrong.

2. Coloring Your Wig

Once you have purchased a wig, coloring it can be a way to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Since Luvme makes their wigs from human hair, coloring is straightforward. Other wig brands make coloring extremely difficult due to their wigs’ synthetic compositions. To dye a wig, all you have to do is mix a dye and a developer of your choosing in a bowl. Apply them to the wig or soak the wig in the dye. Once painted or soaked, let the dye set for 30-40 minutes. Wash the wig with shampoo and condition afterward. After washing, you can go ahead and pat dry. You can also finish drying by using a blow dryer. If you are not confident dying your wig yourself, visit a salon. Or, buy a wig that is already colored.

3. Adding Curls

Adding curls might sound counterintuitive. Many women buy wigs to wear straight hair without damaging their natural curls. Yet, deep wave and short and curly wigs can look great on women with curls. One benefit to using wigs instead of your hair to craft curly styles is that they are more durable than your hair. Also, you don’t have to worry about damaging your natural hair by applying products. Since the highest quality wigs are made from human hair, you still need to take care of them. Human hair wigs are not cheap. Yet, any damage sustained is not going to permanently affect you. Follow basic hair care when it comes to handling your wig so you do not have to replace it often.

4. Straightening Your Wig

Many African American women wear wigs so that they can wear their hair straight without permanently damaging their curls. It is possible to straighten curls, though the intense heat that’s typically used can prevent them from ever curling back up again. A straightened wig is the easiest and safest way to wear naturally curly hair straight. Human hair wigs are always going to look more authentic than synthetic ones. Buy a human hair wig so people aren’t able to tell whether it’s your real hair. You can either buy a straight wig or for more versatile styling, a curly wig that you can straighten yourself. Make sure that you use a wig brush or comb to brush out tangles or knots. You can use steam from a hot shower to straighten your wig. Brush waves out of it while standing in the shower room. Or, use a steamer on a low heat. You can also blow dry wigs straight.

5. Versatile Daily Styling

Try to be versatile in the way that you style your wig. Don’t get into the habit of repeating the same style every day. A wig is a blank canvas for you to work with. You can create almost any hairstyle using one. You can have straight hair, curly hair, or even wavy hair. The most important thing to make sure is that you take care of your wig. While you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair by using one, you do need to think about your wig’s care. If you damage or break it, it could deteriorate and become unusable. Since wigs are expensive, look after them.

6. Consider A Parting

A good way to enhance a wig’s aesthetic appeal is to put a parting in it. Straight hair is best for parting. Curly hair can be difficult to part as it’s hard to get defined lines. You can try a left part, right part, or middle part. If your wig has a frontal lace, it will be very easy for you to part. Try to invest in a professional parting comb so that your parts look well done. There are many different guides you can use online that will help you with parting your wig if you are not confident doing it yourself.

7. Proper Wig Care

Throughout this post, recommendations about caring for your wig have been made. Never mistreat your wig. Unfortunately, a lot of people abuse their wigs. Wearers of wigs do this because they feel like their wigs are not that important due to their replaceable nature. Yet, wigs are expensive and not cheap to replace. Your wig needs the same level of care you would give your own.

Looking stylish with a wig can be difficult if you have no idea how to get more from them. You can use the guidance here to ensure you look great when you wear yours. Any questions about using wigs should go to the brand you are purchasing them from.

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