8 Reasons Your Health Is So Valuable

You know what they say. Health is wealth, and anyone with a few decades of life on them knows it to be true. The better you feel, the more you can actively participate in and enjoy your life. When you’re physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy, you can say yes to more and keep on moving, even into old age. Here are eight more solid reasons to make your health a top priority.

1. Allows For Active Parenting

As a parent, you want to have an active role in your children’s lives. When you’re healthy and fit, you can chase them around, play on the playground and still have some energy to spare. To say parenting is hard would be an understatement but, when you’re eating well and exercising often, you’ll feel more up to the challenge. Adopting a healthier lifestyle can also improve your chances of getting pregnant, which is good news if you’re trying to expand your family.

2. Helps You Live Longer

This might seem like a no-brainer, but maintaining good health can prolong your life. In fact,  maintaining a healthy diet, being a normal weight, not smoking, limiting alcohol consumption and getting three and a half hours of exercise each week can add an entire decade to your life, if not more! That means you’re more likely to be around to walk your daughter down the aisle, babysit grandkids and enjoy a long, happy retirement.

3. Lowers Medical Costs

Medical bills are expensive, especially for those with chronic conditions. Recurring costs for prescriptions, doctor’s appointments and health scans can quickly add up, leaving little money to spend elsewhere. Meanwhile, those who take good care of themselves have the liberty to spend their cash on whatever they please. They don’t have to budget for insulin or save for major surgeries, so you naturally enjoy a better quality of life.

4. Keeps You Working

Making money takes energy, too. You must feel well enough to clock in and perform, day after day. If you’re under the weather or even completely immobile, you’re less likely to maintain a steady job and, more importantly, an income. In some cases, you can collect disability, but what kind of life is that? If you can work hard, be productive and earn a living for yourself all by prioritizing your health, why not do it?

5. Makes Insurance More Affordable

Most people know that life insurance and health insurance get more expensive with age. However, few are aware that everything from family history to occupation can drive up costs, too. If pre-existing conditions, hobbies or workplace hazards put you in harm’s way, insurance companies will see you as a bigger liability and charge you more for coverage. That’s why it’s important to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and find a career that supports you in those efforts.

6. Reduces Risk Of Addiction

No matter what kind of addiction you face, a healthy lifestyle can help you overcome it. Whether your vice is food, drugs or alcohol, you’ll find the runner’s high just as addictive. Better yet, a life full of movement and physical activity can limit your desire for substances. Thus, maintaining good health can actively reduce your risk of addiction and help you avoid substance abuse issues in the first place. Stay healthy and sober with a nutritious diet, plenty of sleep and frequent exercise.

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7. Controls Stress Levels

Cultivating a healthier lifestyle can also help you control stress levels. However, you might have to get your heart rate up to feel the effects. While bubble baths and sleeping in might sound more relaxing, hitting the gym might be more effective. Regular physical activity lowers blood pressure and hormone levels that could trigger your stress response. Plus, aerobic exercise increases breathing and heart rate to oxygenate your blood and release muscle tension. Break a sweat. You’ll feel much better afterward.

8. Boost Self-Esteem

How you perceive yourself can completely change the trajectory of your life. Perhaps that’s why self-affirmation has become so popular. If you’re not into mantras or pep talks, you can get in a can-do attitude from taking care of yourself, too. Investing in your mind, body and spirit takes patience, practice and self-discipline, so it’ll give you something to be proud of. When you look good and you feel confident, you’ll likely enjoy a more satisfying life.

Taking A Proactive Approach

For some people, minor pain or injury is all it takes to convince them that their health is valuable. Others wait until they’ve fallen, broken bones or developed chronic conditions to start taking care of their health. At this point, however, the damage is already done. That’s why it’s crucial that you take a proactive approach to maintain your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Take charge of your health and start today by adding one good habit to your daily routine. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, so every little bit helps. What you do today will determine how you feel tomorrow, so invest in yourself. You’re worth it!

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