9 Tips To Make Your Work From Home Life Easier

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran telecommuter or recently began a work from home lifestyle amid the pandemic. You can always improve your processes to make your workday less grueling while boosting your productivity.

What can you do to make your work from home life easier? The following nine tips will supercharge your output while reducing anxiety and its interruption of your flow.

1. Get Anti-Malware Software

What’s worse than your computer crashing? If it happens when your money is already tight, you could find yourself in quite the bind if you’re responsible for providing the equipment necessary to do your job.

While you can’t ensure perfect online safety, you can take measures to improve your security. If you still don’t have anti-malware software installed on your computer, please do so today. You can find ample free trials, although the price you pay for a professional package pales beside the cost of replacing devices.

2. Secure Your Online Connection 

Miscreants can access your data through more means than your preferred device. If you leave your internet access unprotected, hackers can have a field day by messing with smart home gadgets or stealing data.

Make sure that you arm your router with a secure password — not “Admin” or “home.” You can also secure your router with a VPN. Mind your words if you use voice-activated devices. Alexa and Siri can pick up on your bank account login if you share it with a friend within earshot.

3. Establish A Dedicated Space

If you live the working from home life along with your spouse, plus you homeschool your kids, you could inhabit close quarters. Even if you live solo, having a dedicated space that tells you to put on your thinking cap when you enter can boost productivity.

Carve out a comfortable workspace for yourself. It doesn’t have to look like the model home office in an upscale furnishings catalog. If rainbow unicorn knickknacks make you smile, turn your desk into a fantasy zoo. A positive attitude helps you get more done.

4. Create A Do Not Disturb Signal 

Unless you have a locking office door, you need a way to keep your spouse or little ones from interrupting your Zoom meetings. Create a do-not-disturb signal that alerts your family or roommates not to shout, “what’s there to eat in this joint,” while you give your budget presentation.

You can make your suit jacket do double-duty for this purpose. Many experts recommend business casual dress for Zoom meetings. Keep it on the back of your office chair and let your inner circle know that when they see you wearing it, silence is golden.

5. Go Ergonomic 

It doesn’t matter if you work from home if your chair is as uncomfortable as your office version. You’ll still have an achy back by  the day’s end.

Instead, invest in a variable-height desk or use milk crates as an inexpensive replacement. Alternatively, sit on a yoga ball instead of a chair to engage your core and build stronger muscles around your spine. Lay back and stretch your lumbar vertebrae as needed.

6. Use Your Planner

Tons of anxiety attacks occur when you know that you have to do something, but you can’t remember what it is. Please get yourself a planner or a replacement app and use it to record upcoming appointments, and that phone call to your building’s super.

Get in the habit of carrying your planner with you like car keys – apps work if you keep your phone attached to your hip. A million to-do lists won’t help if you write things down everywhere – then later lose those scraps of paper.

7. Schedule Routine Breaks 

It’s tempting to work from sunup to sundown when you work from home. However, doing so leads to burnout. Over two-thirds of telecommuters experience feeling overwhelmed with their increased duties.

Pretend you are at the office and schedule a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon. Use this time to get up from your computer, take a brisk walk or have a snack — not scroll social media.

8. Keep Up With Meal Prep

You might think, “Since I’m working from home, I can cook lunch. There’s no need to prep.” Then, the drive-thru’s siren song sweetly plays when you realize you have to chop carrots before you can have some healthy sticks and hummus.

Continue to use one day weekly to chop your veggies and prepare healthy grab-and-go freezer meals. You’ll save money, and your waistline will thank you.

9. Design A Shutdown Ritual

Please don’t take your laptop to bed with you unless broken sleep is your goal. Working from home doesn’t mean round-the-clock labour.

Instead, create a shutdown ritual at day’s end. It might consist of little more than closing your laptop while saying, ‘I’m leaving work for the day.” You might also take a brisk walk, play with your pets or check in with your children about what they learned in homeschool.

Make Your Working From Home Life Easier With These 9 Tips 

You might equate telecommuting with ease, but your daily habits can make or break your success. Adopt the nine tips above to make your work from home life easier and more productive.

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