A Month In The Life Of Teenage Me: September 1993 Teenage Diary

And so we come to September, which means it’s time for another monthly edition of my teenage diary. Enjoy!

Wednesday 1st September

Last day before going back to school. Great. I’m hoping it’ll all be different, but I know it won’t. I made Mum cry because we were having this great debate about why I couldn’t babysit and she said, “you wouldn’t like it if I didn’t care” and I said, “I wouldn’t care”. To be honest I don’t feel guilty at all. I care more about the fact of having to face her in the morning without going red with embarrassment.

Thursday 2nd September

Back to school. Mum isn’t speaking to me any more. Last night I admit I felt guilty, but because she was ignoring me I couldn’t care less, in fact it’s more annoying than upsetting. The only problem is I can’t go to Aerobics because Mum won’t give me the money and I haven’t got any because I’ll have to pay for new locker keys because again Mum won’t pay because SHE HATES MY GUTS. Well then, why did she have me?

Friday 3rd September

Apparently it’s me that has to give in to Mum and I’m sorry but that’s not going to happen because of the matter of something called pride and the fact that I don’t think I’m in the wrong. Sheila’s staying the night and A told us that Stan got off with Poppy for his first time and A has got off with 2 people and that means he’s more experienced than me and probably always will be.

Saturday 4th September

I’ve decided to apologise to Mum. I’ve wanted to all the time, but just put an act on that I didn’t. I was going to today, but never got a chance when she was on her own so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow so I know I won’t get any sleep tonight. The thing is the longer I put it off the harder it’ll become and I realise now that life could become very difficult without her. I put some money in my account today so any extra money I earn now can be spent how I want it to be spent.

Sunday 5th September

I made up with Mum and I’ll tell you now it feels a whole lot better. I’m ordering some things from Kays for about £100, but I don’t have to start paying until February even though I will start saving now. I’m going to finally get a Wonderbra. I know they’re expensive, but if it works it’ll be worth it. My puncture got fixed today so I’ll  be able to use my bike tomorrow. I’ve worked out what I’m using to make my battery with so I have to make that Wednesday night.

Monday 6th September

I’ve been given a list of what I’ll need for various subjects and it’s not going to be cheap, but luckily Mum’s buying it all for me. I can tell that Maths will be confusing already. I wish it wasn’t so important in getting a good job. Oh well, I suppose I can only try my best. Arnold’s sat behind me in Maths. He came in and said, “I’ll sit behind my Rebecca”. I think I fancy him again. The thing is I know he’ll never ask me out and I’ll never have the guts to ask him.

Tuesday 7th September

For the first time in ages I actually enjoyed a lesson of Maths (a double lesson in fact) because for once in my life I understood what I was doing. I got someone to look for my locker, but apparently there isn’t one under that number so I’ve got to be given another one. Hopefully tomorrow so that I’ll be able to put my PE kit in it on Thursday. Sheila reckons Twigs might fancy her.

Wednesday 8th September

Today was so hectic. We went into town and did everything Sheila wanted to do first, of course, and then went into WH Smiths. They didn’t have Big or Just 17 or a food and nutrition book so I’ll now have to order one. We were explained to about Art and it sounds as though I’m going to have to work really hard from the start to even attempt to get a good grade,

Thursday 9th September

I bought J17 and it had an article in it about how Mark had saved this girl’s life by giving her the kiss of life when she collapsed outside his house. I wonder if he’d do the same to me. I’d pay him! On the bus on the way back from school, Marcus sat next to me because there were no other seats. We actually had a really good conversation. He’s really nice, maybe just a bit too overpowering though, but he does make me laugh, even though he thinks Take That are queer.

Friday 10th September

I found out today that we passed our expedition, which in a way I’m glad of but in another way I’m not because I have to go to the vets. Arnold seems to be sort of ignoring me and talking a lot to Petunia which is really bugging me. She went out with him once. How come he won’t ask me out? Tomorrow is a busy day because I have to do my paper round, go to vets, do Art and English homework, clean animals, and then stay the night at Sheila’s. Phew!

Saturday 11th September

I went to the vets for an hour and as usual it was really boring, but I’ve got to go to two more. Went into Chippenham and I bought a white polo neck and grey leggings. Staying at Sheila’s the night and so far we’ve made our faces punk-like and as fancy dress it actually looked really good, but it makes your face really awful when the make up has been removed. All tight and crumbly.

Sunday 12th September

Woke up to find a mangled toe nail lying next to me, which was really grim. Made my famous chocolate cakes, but we left them in a bit too long and they were burnt and the icing tasted regurgitated. We did our hair using the hot brush. Sheila’s suited her but made her look like Julie off of Neighbours. Mine bugged me because it got in my eyes and now I’m being called ‘Curtain Lady’. Decided to have a perm next summer.

Monday 13th September

I felt really knackered at school. Maybe it’s a good thing that I’ve laid the babysitting off a bit. We got £5 each, which was too much but he didn’t have any change so they’ll take it out of our pay next time we babysit. I had 6 homeworks and I’ve managed to complete 4 of them. It’s really awful because you know it’s got to be done. I’m really dreading tomorrow because of English. I used to like it but now we’ve got Mrs Davidson I really detest it.

Tuesday 14th September

I really enjoyed Maths today because of the fact that I fully understood it. I think Sheila’s trying to get at me because she’s invited Deborah to stay Saturday night when she knew she’d invited me first. Mind you I did say I might be doing something. I hope she stays my friend and doesn’t decide to go off with Deborah. My clothes came through the post. I’m keeping it all so now I have to raise £95.95 by February. SHIT.

Wednesday 15th September

Today was pretty boring at school because most people were at a theatre trip so I was stuck with Timothy and I feel really uncomfortable around him. I never know what to talk about. I got a B for Art which I’m quite proud of, but the work we do in the lesson is really boring and mine has turned out really crap. In some ways I wish I hadn’t taken Art now, but I can’t change.

Thursday 16th September

Had single Hockey with Mr Neal. He’s really creepy. He handed me my stick and said, “Here you are my bird”. I couldn’t help but laugh. I’d really like to go to the Smash Hits poll winners party on December 5th but Sheila says she probably won’t have enough money. The tickets and further information haven’t been announced yet, but I suppose if I can’t go with Sheila I could ask Betty or Tabitha, mind you they probably wouldn’t want to go with me.

Friday 17th September

Swimming. We went and Sid McDonald was there. I’ve always fancied him, but never had the guts to say before. The only snitch is that Sheila fancies him as well. The thing is cos A was there we were all sort of hanging round and he was like talking to me. Me and Sheila have decided to go and watch them play cos A’s probably playing on October 10th. He’s gonna tell him that we fancy him then the choice is up to him.

Saturday 18th September

I put on all my new clothes and made myself try to look as nice as possible because I thought that maybe Sid would see me. I just can’t wait until October 10th when I can see him play football and A will tell him I fancy him. We saw the fox and Deborah was telling us about this dream she used to have. I really like her, she’s really nice and funny.

Sunday 19th September

I’ve decided that I’m going to send Sid a letter. The trouble is I’ve had a look in the phone book and there’s two McDonald’s. One lives in Corsham and the other Melksham so I’ve got to ask A if he lives in Corsham. At least by writing a letter I’m doing something about it rather than just sitting on my butt waiting for me to ask him out.

Monday 20th September

I admitted to A that I was going to phone Sid up and he said he’ll find the number for me because I couldn’t. I was so depressed today, everything I did went wrong. My bra strap broke. I got C+ for HE and Betty is staying in the same hotel room as Take That and had slept in the bed Mark had slept in. I’m so jealous. The only good thing that happened today was that I got an A for Maths. Let’s just hope I’m lucky tomorrow.

Tuesday 21st September

Sid must be ex-directory so I have to wait until October 10th unless he’s going swimming on Friday. I hope. I’m so confused at the moment. I really want a boyfriend and I seem to be thinking about Sid 24 hrs a day. At school I think Arnold and Percy are OK looking but it’s always Sid that’s in my thoughts. I don’t think I could stand it if he ever decided to go out with Sheila instead of me. The thing is he’s probably forgotten about me.

Wednesday 22nd September

We did Ronnie’s party and got £5 each for doing it. I’ve felt as though my stomach’s been pushed between two clamps all day. I’m sure it’s period pains. The thing is I don’t want my period until after Friday because then I won’t be able to go swimming and then if Sid goes I won’t be able to see him. I’ve worked out that once I’ve got his phone number I’ll be able to ask him out to the cinema and stuff. I just need that precious number though.

Thursday 23rd September

I heard Relight My Fire, Take That’s new single and I’m sorry to say that it’s really sad, but I suppose after about 50 listenings ‘ll get used to it. I had a dream that I asked Sid out and he said yes, absolute bliss. I’ve come to a decision though. If I see him tomorrow I’ll ask to speak to him privately then ask him out or I’ll wait till A gets me his phone number and then ask him out. Either way I’m going to do it.

Friday 24th September

Sid was swimming so I asked A to ask him out for me, but Sid said no. I felt so embarrassed because then Sid started talking to two other girls and he was probably going out with one of them. I just feel really stupid now and I’m not going to watch him play football. I just can’t face him. It’s really lowered my confidence. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to ask anyone out again. The thing is I think I still fancy him.

Saturday 25th September

I managed to get all my homework out the way, but not the animals so that is something I can dread to do tomorrow. I still fancy Sid, but I’m not going to tell A because I know he’ll just keep nagging Sid and he’ll just keep on saying no and so it becomes even more embarrassing for me. Now that I’ve heard Relight My Fire a few more times I like it.  I mean it’s not as good as Pray but it’s still good, apart from Lulu.

Sunday 26th September

I’ve just sort of slouched around the house while the rest of the family were at football. My point of relaxation was when I was reading in the bath. Phoned Sheila up to see how she got on with the people who were staying at her house and she seemed to be really friendly with them. I’m just going to leave Sid alone and if he decides he does fancy me he can jolly well ask me out. I hope nobody notices I’ve scrubbed his name off my homework diary. I’ll just have to tell them I’ve gone off him.

Monday 27th September

Went into Chippenham to get the single only to find it’s a double and the next one comes out on Monday. I really like the song now and on the first CD I like tracks 1, 2, and 3, but 4 and 5 are equally crap (because they are so alike). Today has been really good. Sheila came over for dinner and then we took her back at 8.00pm. Dad goes to China tomorrow afternoon and will be out there for at least a month.

Tuesday 28th September

I got a card from Take That telling me which programmes they’re going to be on and telling me about Relight My Fire, their new album, and that the single released at Christmas will be Babe sung by Mark. Take That were on the Big Breakfast and on the bed with Paula Yates, she’s such a cow. How come she can meet them and I can’t? Maybe it’s something to do with her being a celebrity.

Wednesday 29th September

Today has been soooooo good. For starters I got my first ever A+ in Geography. I’m really stunned and I got an A- for a piece of artwork that I don’t even like. Apparently, Petunia has been telling Noreen that we’ve been saying awful things about her and Petunia eventually admitted to me that she’d been making them up. I just don’t understand why she’s doing it. There’s a rumour going around that she’s a 34C. Bullshit. She’s smaller than me and I’m a 34A.

Thursday 30th September

I talked to Noreen and we’ve made up. It turned out she was only being horrible to me because she thought I was being awful to her, so it was just like this great big vicious circle. So we’ve decided that the argument is just between her and Sheila and that me and Petunia aren’t going to get dragged into it any more. I hope Petunia doesn’t hold a grudge against me, but I just had to say something because I really feel guilty and I hate it when my name gets dragged in the dirt.

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