A Valentine’s Day Wish List To Send To Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and this is a holiday that is hard to nail without sufficient preparation! As ladies, we can help our partners prepare for the day by giving them hints of the gifts we would love. In this wish list, we will look at some gifts that we would appreciate, even though we may be less inclined to buy them for ourselves.

A New Luxury Handbag

There are lots of luxury handbag brands, so you can let your partner know if you have any preferences, subtly of course! Men or other partners may not understand just how much we love handbags, so maybe try hinting that you need a more versatile bag for everyday activities. You can email your wish list and get pieces delivered directly to your partner via amazing bag websites such as Mirta for example, and get the tote, or handcrafted cross body handbag you’ve been wanting! Make sure you tell your partner the material and color you want so you can ensure to get exactly what you want and need.

Candle Set From Diptyque

You can also light up your life by adding candle sets to your Valentine’s Day wish list! It is no secret that Diptyque candles are the best in the world, they also really last a long time. Tell your partner you are looking for a signature scent for your space. For a beautiful floral scent, try Baies and Rosa together, or for something stronger try Feu de Bois!

Short Sleeved PJ Set

A PJ set would also be a nice addition to your nightware, especially if you regularly go to bed in an oversized shirt like most people tend to do! Buying PJ sets can be a challenge, so you should make sure your partner knows your size and preferred material (I would suggest slightly oversized). This is an area where your partner can have a bit of fun and get quite creative, let their imagination run wild for this one!

Lush Cosmetics Set

Every woman needs a makeup and cosmetic set that can complement their complexion. With these tools, you will be able to go through your days with a high level of self-confidence, in a natural way! Everybody loves Lush, their products just smell so good and are made from all natural materials, so what isn’t to love? You can hint at your partner you are looking for a new cleansing routine or a set of relaxing bath bombs.

Engraved Gold Ring Or Necklace

You can also ask your partner to get you an engraved gold ring or necklace with your anniversary, birthday, coordinates of your favorite place on earth, the options are endless! Try to push for gold or white gold so this piece will last longer and so you can swim, shower, and sleep in the necklace. This is something you will have forever and something that should hopefully bring back wonderful memories!

Everybody deserves to have a nice time on Valentine’s Day, and getting excellent gifts is a good way to make the day memorable! All the gifts listed above should bring a smile to your face, so you just need to figure out how you can drop low-key hints to your partner, good luck!

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