A Week In The Life Of Teenage Me: 6th – 12th August 1994

Another week, another set of angst and issues from teenage me. This week’s teenage diary sees me freaking out about coursework – still not entirely sure how kitchen planning to the extent I did it fell into the curriculum… am now wondering if my HE teacher just needed her own kitchen redoing and her students were kind of like the Pinterest boards of the 90s – swooning yet again over flippin’ Percy, and learning the words to all of the PJ and Duncan songs (what you mean they had more than one?!?)

Let’s get ready to rumble…

Saturday 6th August

I used my time today so badly. I meant to try and finish my Tech homework, but I didn’t. I’m doing my plan on the computer so I’ve been fiddling around with that for most of the day. I went to Chippenham this morning, mainly to see whether the council offices were open so that I could get lots of leaflets, but they weren’t so I went to the library, only to get one book out. I feel that today has been really wasted. Mum bought me some roll on deodorant for when we go on holiday and we looked for some school clothes for me. Mum said I can have a new skirt and some tops. I’ve also got to get some navy blue cycling shorts for PE.

Sunday 7th August

I’ve drawn up my finished plan of my kitchen on the computer so I’ve now only got to draw two side views, again on the computer, and then a costing sheet, reasons for choice, and my conclusion and evaluation. I should be able to start my Geography coursework tomorrow as Mum is going to the council offices to get me some leaflets. Nothing much happened today so there’s not a lot I can write about, but I’m not leaving it blank because I hate leaving spaces. Wet Wet Wet are still at number one, now for their eleventh week, but Take That have gone right down to thirty seven. Well, you can’t have it all.

Monday 8th August

Miracles upon miracles I finished my Technology coursework today. Sheila phoned up for information on how much tickets would cost for the Children’s BBC Big Bash party in connection with Newsround. The tickets cost £7.50 so Sheila’s ordered three; one for her, one for me and one for Claudia. Don’t get me wrong, it may sound sad that I’m going to something about Children’s BBC, but the only real reason I’m going is because PJ and Duncan are going to be performing there. Anyway, it takes place on October the 8th at Birmingham NEC which means we’re going two weeks and 1 day after the concert. I suppose at least it makes us look forward to it. I hope I get a picture of Declan.

Tuesday 9th August

I started my Geography coursework and I suppose I did quite a lot considering it is so boring. Sheila told me today that on the night of the second party Gary, Raymond and Timothy were up in her room and she was on her way up when she heard Gary say, “Everyone go for Sheila”. She waited and then went in and said, “Why are you all up here?”and apparently they said, “So we could give Rebecca and Percy some space”. The thing is I don’t think we were even kissing at that time so maybe Percy planned it all along. All I know is that I’m  really missing him. Claudia asked Timothy whether he can organise another party. He said yes but it won’t be the same without Percy.

Wednesday 10th August

I had a bit of a depressing day today as I feel that my Geography coursework is going nowhere. I’m stuck, but it’s hard to explain in what way. I’ve still got to wait 3 1/2 weeks before I can see Percy again. The thing is when I go back to school I bet he treats me as if nothing ever happened and I know that the only time I would make the first move is if I was drunk because I’d be too embarrassed just in case he wasn’t interested in me. I straightened my hair using my hot brush and even if I do say so myself it did actually look alright. I got a newsletter from the Take That fan club telling me that Lulu will be at the concert.

Thursday 11th August

I completed one piece from my Art homework so at least that’s out the way. Only one more to do. Nina phoned to see if I could babysit on Saturday. I said I probably could, but I couldn’t get hold of Sheila to ask her. I don’t really want to do it on my own, but I suppose the money would come in handy and at least it gives me some time to get some homework out of the way. Good deed of the day – I saved a mouse/vole/or whatever the hell it was, from being tormented by next door’s cat. In eleven days I’ll be on my way to sunny Ibiza. I can’t wait because I really need the break. I just long for the sun, sand and sea. The only problem is that I’m away from Percy. Boohoo.

Friday 12th August

I didn’t do any homework today and now I feel a bit panicky. I wish I wouldn’t do it to myself. I went over Sheila’s at about half past three so that we could try and learn all the words from the songs that PJ and Duncan have released. We really need to practice. I’m going to Yate tomorrow, hopefully in the morning, as I’ve got to get some new school stuff. Sheila’s bought a new dress and it’s really nice. If we have a party she’s bound to wear it and I don’t know what I’ll wear. I guess it’ll have to be my denim skirt or a long skirt. I don’t even know if I want another party.

Tune in next week for more insight into the life of a teenage girl (me!) growing up in the 90s.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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