Active Monthly Subscription Box Review

Starting on any new fitness and health journey can be daunting, especially when there are so many products out there to choose from, which is one of the reasons why the subscription box industry has continued to thrive. A trend that started off in America before finding it’s way here, you can now pretty much find a subscription box to suit any need, interest or desire.

For me personally, I like the fact that it feels as if I’m sending myself a present each month and there’s something so gratifying in opening up a beautifully packaged box and not knowing what treasures await inside.

Now I’ll be honest, there are a whole heap of healthy food and fitness inspired subscription boxes out there, so when I was sent a box from Active Monthly, I’ll admit I was a little dubious as to what they could bring to the sub box table.

Claiming to “provide a source of inspiration to your health and fitness journey” let’s take a look at exactly what you get:

  • 5ml VitaCoco Coconut Oil Sachet
  • N’eat Cacao, Coconuts & Chia Seeds bar
  • 10ml Balance Me balancing face moisturiser
  • 30g Bio Synergy Strawberry Whey Better Protein powder
  • The Protein Ball Co. Goji & Coconut balls
  • 30g Oloves basil and garlic olives
  • Purition Almond flavoured protein shake powder
  • Yuyo Yerba Mint teabag
  • Money off coupons
  • Recipe cards
  • 1 week’s free Gym Pass to use at a selection of gyms throughout the UK

I was very impressed that considering the size of the box, they’d managed to cram in so many goodies in there. I mean yes, they are all very much sample sizes, things you may find glued to the inside of magazines or in goodie bags at trade shows, however I can see why they’ve done this. Because by keeping things small it means they not only get to include more in the boxes, but it means you the customers get to try more things out. Plus, the smaller the box, the lower the postage charge, the lower the overheads and what this translates as is cheaper subscription charges…everyone’s a winner.

Ah yes, charges….so what can you expect to pay for an Active Monthly subscription box? Well, like most subscriptions out there, there are a few different options based on your commitment levels:

Rolling subscription (monthly charge) – £14.99

3 monthly subscription – £13.49

6 monthly subscription – £11.99

Now, in my opinion that’s pretty good value for money. Most other subscription boxes I’ve come across are easily double this and OK yes maybe the products are bigger, possibly of better quality and the box itself is arguably better presented (I’m talking posh handmade labels and fancy recycled stuffing), but when you’re trying out a sub box for the first time surely it’s better to have one that contains a wide variety of products, therefore guaranteeing you’ll like some if not all of the products, than risking going for one that has less products and you may not end up liking or using any of them. A case of putting all of your eggs in one sub box so to speak!

There is a good mix between foods and fitness in this box, just enough to help inspire someone to make healthy changes in their lifestyle whilst also introducing them to some food brands that they can try out before spending vast amounts of money down the health food shop on a product that they may not even like. If you’re a snacker (come on, who isn’t?), you will love this box, because it is ALL about those healthy snacks. And the addition of the recipes is a lovely touch, helping to inspire the creation of your own healthy meals, rather than opting for convenient, fast food choices.

My only complaint, and this is not to do with the product itself, but rather the website, is the lack of a FAQ page. Possibly I couldn’t find it, which if that’s the case then it’s not visible enough, but I felt there wasn’t enough information about shipping costs, arrival dates, how to cancel a subscription etc. I just like to know where I stand.

UPDATE – Active Monthly took our suggestion on board and have now added this to their site. Whoop whoop we love a brand that listens!!—

My personal faves from the box…?

The olives were hands down my fave, perfect with a G&T….cos ya know….balance! And I loved the recipe inspo from Rosie Letts Nutrition, I can’t wait to try out the chocolate Chia Superfood Pudding. To conclude, it’s a lovely try before you buy kinda box, perfect for foodie fitness fans and lovers of postal surprises 🙂

*Product gifted for review

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