Are Compression Shorts Good For Running?

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Looking to go running? It’s certainly one of the more effective ways to get healthy. You can go running outdoors anytime you want – unless of course it’s really sunny or its raining, but even then you can venture out if you’re brave enough. The question is, how can you run for longer, without feeling tired or sweaty?

The answer is that you might want to take a look at compression garments. They are made of a bodycon material which has a tight fit on the skin offering support for people who stand for long durations and have poor body circulation. The compression varies and according to the intensity of the sport, the degree can be higher or lower. The shorts help to prevent deep vein thrombosis and to reduce swelling in legs during long hours of travel.

When it comes to running in particular, compression gear makes it easier to sustain the long hours on the track. Gone are the days when compression shorts used to come in a single style and colour. Compression gear has seen a complete revolution. While the debate continues between its medical usage and for athletes, current studies are in favour of its benefits for use in sports.

Purpose Of Compression Shorts

Usually composed of around 20% spandex and 80% nylon, the shorts fit tightly to the body preventing the muscles from moving in a harmful way. It is known to increase blood circulation and lymphatic fluids. This way, the non-movement of the muscles saves energy and maintains proper alignment.

Proper posture and improvement in blood circulation, thus helps in sustainment on the track by improving one’s performance and makes for a speedy recovery. Additionally, form-fitting compression shorts can prevent chafing and rashes.

The Top Benefits Of Wearing Compression Shorts For Running

Compression shorts are suitable for running because of the benefits they provide. Here are some benefits that will convince you to invest in a pair of good quality compression shorts for a terrific run!

Elevates Blood Circulation

Our blood needs to circulate well in order for the oxygen and nutrients to reach our muscles so that we are able to run for longer durations at a fast pace. Poor blood circulation can lead to severe diseases. Runners tend to experience numbness and pain accompanied by extreme cramping, as their limbs can swell after prolonged exercise. Some may even experience fatigue in the lower leg area due to decreased blood flow. These symptoms can lead to Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) wherein the blood vessels and arteries in the body get narrowed, leading to a heart attack due to plaque buildup.

A blood clot is another serious concern. Even though they can occur anywhere in the body, they are more common in the arms and legs, some of the other causes of poor blood circulation in runners are varicose veins, diabetes, and anemia. According to a vein clinic phoenix, while taking steps to improve your circulation is always a good idea it’s best to talk with a specialist who’ll examine your veins and help give you the necessary treatment.

Can Reduce Muscle Damage Caused By Exercise

Exercise-induced muscle damage is a serious concern that can impact a runner’s performance. Generally, muscle pull tends to occur as a small tear and is also called a strain. When you overstretch your muscles during rigorous workout sessions, you will feel an extreme popping sensation.

Wearing high-quality compression shorts will help keep your muscles tight and in the right form so that they do not unnecessarily stretch.

Speeds Up The Recovery Process

Compression shorts are the best choice to reduce soreness in quads, glute muscles and calf muscles, which tend to occur commonly in runners. Athletes may experience IT band issues, and compression shorts are explicitly designed to support it.

These shorts are made in a way that provides warmth to the skin in extreme cold. Most runners prefer compression shorts instead of tights as they are much more comfortable for training. The shorts avoid rashes in the thigh areas, which can be prone to redness and chafing. Overall, less resistance is the key to excellent performance. Heavy clothing can impact it, and thus, it should be avoided where possible.

Can Remove Lactic Acid Quicker

Lactic acid promotes muscular fatigue. Most athletes complain of deep muscle burn during exercise and the intense ache, which is caused by lactic acid. Its buildup can occur due to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after six to eight hours of rigorous exercise.

By wearing compression gear after an intense workout session, the soreness is likely to reduce. Athletes have had better results with wearing compression gear and massaging the affected area. Your muscle recovery will get faster, and it reduces swelling and any pressure incurred on your ligaments.

Improves Endurance

Athletes of all ability levels are increasingly adopting compression shorts. They not only help in rehabilitation use, but also increase endurance levels. They improve the blood flow return to the heart in cases of a blood clot. It helps in enhancing the performance of an individual and increases the speed of recovery following challenging training sessions and races.

Studies have proved that after measuring the skeletal muscle force, blood lactate, heart rate, it was found that the endurance level of athletes had increased and muscle soreness had been reduced in those who wore compression wear as opposed to those without it.

Higher Oxygenation Levels

The muscles in our body require oxygen to function well for an intense cardiovascular workout such as running. As compression gear tends to increase the blood flow to the heart and lungs, your performance is likely to improve. It will give you enough energy to sustain the workout and thus, relaxes your muscles by avoiding any tears or strains. Higher oxygen levels will also help in the elimination of lactic acid.

Controls Body Temperatures And Provides Comfort

Compression shorts help in controlling the temperature of the body in extreme conditions. They regulate sweat levels and seem comfortable on the body. The medically made stretchable material of the garment protects you from the scratches and rashes that keep occurring during training sessions. They provide you with utmost comfort as there is no risk of the shorts sliding up your thighs even during a hard workout. The material is body fitting and stays on the skin.

Should You Go For Compression Shorts?

In spite of a lot of myths surrounding compression wear, athletes have made them a part of their routine while rejecting the usual sportswear. According to us, you should go for a pair of good quality compression shorts if you are a runner. With immense benefits, it is advisable to invest in compression wear so that your performance is up to the mark.

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