Are Online Teeth Whitening Kits Bad For Your Teeth?

Brits haven’t always been known for their good teeth. Stereotypes have existed across media for years, portraying us as tea drinkers with crooked smiles. However, thanks to modern technology and ease of access, many of us have been able to achieve the perfect smile thanks to the dentist.

Whilst we can use braces, veneers and more to straighten, the hunt for the perfect smile goes further, with many of us turning to teeth whitening to achieve pearly whites.

48% of Brits have used some sort of teeth whitening product to brighten their smile. However, only a shocking 4% have turned to a professional. Whilst the low cost and convenience of online teeth whitening may be tempting, there are risks that you should be aware of before adding to cart and clicking buy.

You Could Be Using Harmful Amounts Of Hydrogen Peroxide Or Worse

Not just for bleaching hair or cleaning, hydrogen peroxide is a key ingredient when it comes to teeth whitening products. When used correctly it doesn’t cause you harm. Most whitening products contain a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to achieve results, such as in toothpaste and mouthwash.

There are strict guidelines and regulations when it comes to using hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening. When you remove the professional element, you reduce the control you have over what you are putting into your body.

Some online teeth whitening kits go further and include ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium chlorite or citric acid. These won’t whiten the pigment of your teeth but can be abrasive enough to remove surface stains and damage your enamel.

You Could Permanently Damage Your Teeth

As with most things, it is always better to trust the professionals. Enamel damage and tooth sensitivity are just some of the things you could be signing up for when you turn to low-cost alternatives.

Avoiding potential damage to your teeth and uncomfortable side effects requires professional assistance. When you choose professional teeth whitening, you can relax knowing the treatment is safe. Teeth whitening is a form of dentistry and should only be carried out by a dentist or another regulated dental professional.

If you are using an at-home kit, your dentist will also give you specific instructions for how you can safely use it. If hydrogen peroxide is left on the teeth for too long, it significantly increases the chances of heightened sensitivity, even at low percentages. By having this conversation you can protect yourself and your teeth for years to come.

So What Are My Options For Teeth Whitening? 

Turning to a professional doesn’t necessarily mean more time, cost and effort. There are several options for you to choose from when it comes to teeth whitening. By talking to your dentist you can discuss the results you want to achieve whilst also finding the perfect solution for you.

Your dentist can provide you with tailor-made trays that will fit securely to your teeth and help to achieve the best results. When you look elsewhere, you lose this customisation.

You can also look to whiten your teeth at home using less significant methods. Brushing using a good toothpaste and mouthwash alongside flossing can help to achieve a whiter smile. Reducing your coffee and tea intake also helps, as well as not smoking.

If you’re looking to give your teeth a sparkly makeover, the risks of doing it at home seriously outweigh the benefits. It is always better to see a professional. The Dentists Old Market in Bristol use the most effective gels available. When used with close-fitting, custom-fitted trays you can expect to see a significantly whiter and brighter smile in just 2 weeks!

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