Are You A Mindful Mover?

As I understand it, everyone has a reason to move…

What’s Yours?

Do you move:

  • for the purpose of getting from a to b
  • to be healthy and happy
  • for improved fitness
  • to play sport
  • or maybe so you can carry your mini person up the stairs to bed at night?

Learning efficient movement patterns and being more mindful of how you move can only have a positive impact on your life and what you wish to accomplish. Once you identify why YOU move, it’s far easier to see the bigger picture. I’d like to grow older and enjoy living life to the full, whether that means playing with my kids tomorrow or my grandchildren in years to come – being in control of my body, not at it’s mercy.

How About You?

Do you suffer from re-occurring injury, aches, pains, niggles? Have you put them into the growing older, genetics, and ‘it’s just the way I am’ box? Why not learn how to move more efficiently and address imbalances in your body, which over time can become a problem.

Improvements can be made. It is merely a question of giving your movement your attention. If we pay attention to our body, we will be rewarded. Yippee! No gold medal or anything – well you can reward yourself with that if you like! I’m talking about way better rewards, like being able to do everyday tasks more easily, continuing to move more freely as you age.

You are one of a kind, unique, and I think that’s pretty amazing. We all have different beliefs, lives, surroundings, bodies; so one can never be compared directly to another. By looking at movement in the same way, unique to the individual, I hope to add value to not only my own personal life, but also in helping others to understand themselves, including YOU.

For the most part, looking at the way you move in daily life is the best place to start. So, here I introduce to you my all time favourite movement.

Drum roll please…

The Humble Squat!

Squats are one of the most foundational functional movements in our lives; we’ve been squatting since we were babies! Squat form goes from pretty perfect in your nappy days, where the introduction of the potty halts our squat depth, then comes the toilet and chairs at school; from this point on, as we get older and sit in unnatural positions all day, we can be left not knowing how to squat correctly at all!

After all, your body is extremely clever and over time it will adapt to stimulus; whatever you apply to it, it will do it’s best to oblige. But what is good stimulus and what is bad? I come from the perspective that whatever it is, we can improve. ALWAYS!

Why not aim to improve your squat. It’s a compound movement, meaning that more than one joint is used to perform it. So if there are any tight areas, or joint issues, movement will be compromised and it will show up here.

All Hail The Mighty Squat!

Look at all these things you can do to improve your squat:


Think about what you are going to do before you do anything. Be mindful.


Take a deep breath in, squeeze your glutes, draw your shoulders down your back and tighten your core. Now you can begin the movement!


Knees should ideally track over the toes, as you descend and ascend. It’s important that they do not track inside of your feet.


Keep your heels in contact with the floor throughout the squat. Slowly lower all the way down until you reach a parallel, if your mobility allows you to. I understand that you are eager to get this squat over with and that you are creating lots of tension, which is not a comfortable place to be in. I’d like you to maintain tension all the way down and all the way back up to the top of the movement.


Consistently going through the same drill each time you perform your squat. Repetition of good habits will see you progress.

Flexibility and mobility have a huge role to play here, so if you are struggling do not despair; lots can be done to progress your movement.

Embrace and love your body.

It’s the most amazing thing you will ever own!

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