Art of Healthy Living Advent Calendar – Day 10

When it’s cold, dark and miserable outside all I want to do, other than stay in my pjs and hibernate of course, is check out summer holidays online. And fortunately for me and you, door 10 of our advent calendar tells us to book a holiday!

I’m usually one for leaving booking the summer holiday relatively last minute, under the belief that there is still plenty of choice and usually a lot more deals to be had, but last year that simply wasn’t the case – I blame Brexit!

Which is one of the major reasons that this year we’re booking it early and I encourage you lot to do the same. Having something to look forward to is a great motivator in so many different ways. Whether it’s to lose a few pounds to fit into your summer wardrobe, to get back on track with your fitness routine after the inevitable Christmas lull, or maybe to save up a few pennies to have plenty of holiday spends, whatever it is that motivates you, having that holiday booked and written on the calendar gives you an end goal to aim for. And we all know how motivating having a deadline is, right?!

So, whack up the heating, pour yourself a Pina Colada and get Googling – just blame it on us if the hubby asks 😉

Remember to check back tomorrow to see what’s behind door 11 of the Art of Healthy Living Advent Calendar.

Missed Day 9? Click here for yesterday’s door.

We’d love to hear what holiday you’ve booked, so please get in touch!

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