Art of Healthy Living Advent Calendar – Day 19

Right, so I know I asked you to take some time out literally only a couple of days ago, and yes I know it’s the last Monday before Christmas, and the kids have finished school and are already doing your nut in, but surely that is more of a reason than ever to sit down and put your feet up, whilst chaos ensues around you.

Basically door 19 of our advent calendar is asking you to stop sweating the small stuff and to take a breather every now and again…for your own sanity!

Christmas can be an incredibly stressful time for various reasons, but simply by taking a step back and making time to sit down with a cuppa, it will help calm your mind and put things into perspective a bit better.

So what if the kids are arguing over who has the TV remote, or the dusting hasn’t been done in over a week (quite frankly getting out of the dusting is one of the major reasons I like to put the decorations up as soon as possible), or you haven’t managed to get your hands on the Lego Friends onesie that your daughter put on her letter to Santa (help, anyone?), in the grand scheme of things does any of this really matter?

Even if it’s for only 5 minutes, I want you to promise me you will at some point today put your feet up, because believe me the closer we get to Christmas it might actually be the last chance you get!

Remember to check back tomorrow to see what’s behind door 20 of the Art of Healthy Living Advent Calendar.

Missed Day 18? Click here for yesterday’s door.

We’d love to hear how the rest of the household coped when you put your feet up today, so get in touch!

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