Ask A Dentist About Tips For A Beautiful Smile

Your smile is one of your most communicative features when it comes to interacting with others.  That’s why it’s no surprise that almost everyone looks for ways to improve its appearance so they can feel better about their look.  Your smile is a true social asset and if it’s not up to standards it could be inhibiting many aspects of your life, including career and relationship success.

That’s why the role of the cosmetic dentist has become ever more important as these treatments can restore and refresh your smile to show a better version of you.  Let’s look at what most cosmetic dentists will recommend for great teeth and a beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

It’s easy, it’s cheap and it provides great results!  Teeth whitening is a number one treatment recommended by dentists and right up there for most popular overall.  For best results, choose an in-clinic whitening over the at-home kits available at the pharmacy.  You can expect to remove stains or discolouration and your teeth will be up to 10 shades brighter with results lasting for a long time.

Check with your dentist to make sure your tooth enamel is in good shape and select a whitening grade that will leave your teeth whiter but still natural looking.

Porcelain Veneer Coverings

Sometimes teeth whitening isn’t an option, or the results wouldn’t be what is required.  A great alternative (well they’re more than that) are dental veneers.  These are thin, tooth shaped shells typically made from porcelain or ceramic that are placed over the upper front row of teeth.  The veneers are custom made to be shaped and coloured exactly right to give a natural appearance.  Veneers allow patients to resize, reshape and recolour their teeth for a bright, shapely Hollywood level smile.  The process typically takes a few appointments and isn’t cheap but ask any dentist – the results are quite amazing.

Clear Braces (Invisible)

Sometimes teeth are out of alignment and need an orthodontic procedure to be corrected.  This is where clear braces or invisible braces are a good option.  For mild to moderate misalignment these aligner trays can do a great job.  An impression mold of your teeth will be taken, your custom aligner trays manufactured and then test fit to make sure they will slowly move your teeth into their proper positions.  The process takes a couple appointments and then you’ll be required to wear them for a period of at least six months.  Don’t worry, modern clear braces are a far cry from the metal monstrosities of the past and are a breeze to wear, even in daily life.

Dental Implant Procedure

Implants are the best way to fix heavily misshapen or damaged teeth because they will completely replace the natural ones.  However, dental implants are a very advanced and invasive procedure that not only takes a long time to finish (and heal) but is also very expensive.  That’s why dental implants are usually reserved for cases where tooth loss has occurred, and a total replacement is needed.  Your dentist can opt for single implants or replace up to a whole row of teeth.  Implants are permanent and function just like natural teeth (root and all) but are not susceptible to cavities and a normal cleaning routine works great.

Other Options To Ask About

Your dentist will have a whole toolbox of treatments to transform your smile.  Included are options like gum contouring, that helps reshape gums that are too big and encroach on your teeth, dental bonding to repair small cracks, chips or fill gaps and dental crowns that work similarly to veneers but are usually chosen for molar teeth.  Between all the above listed techniques, a total smile makeover is within reach.

If your smile is lacking in the looks department, consider getting a consultation from your dentist to go over the available options to enhance the look of your smile.  We could all use a confidence boost and knowing our smile is looking amazing is one of the best ways to feel great.

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