A/W Beauty Trends You Need In Your Life!

Falling leaves and frosty mornings means the A/W season is well and truly upon us and that means there are plenty of new beauty trends heading our way. To help you figure out how you’re going to style the new season out we’ve put together our round up of the best looks that you can have a go at yourself, or if like me you’re a bit pants at this make up lark something you can have a chat with your beautician about πŸ˜‰


Positive body image and the embracement of imperfection is a marvellous thing and as more and more women empower themselves with the belief that flawsome is the new awesome, it seems our lips are set to follow suit.

The so-called ‘Perfectly Imperfect Lip’ is all about a half-finished, smudged, barely had enough time to slap it on look. It’s about looking as though you’ve spent all evening snogging your boyfriend in the back of the cinema, then emerging all flustered, coquettish and unkempt. Great news for those of you who can’t stand reapplying lippy in the loos halfway through the night, simply embrace the smudge and get kissing girls!

Also hot on the luscious lips list and perfect for the rapidly approaching festive season is the colour gold. Whether it’s sparkly, glittery or metallic to the max, gold is here and the look is bold, so if you’re going for this look you need to be ready and willing to absolutely rock it!


Just like the lips, eyes have gone suitably slapdash and smeary too. Think smudged eyeliner as if you’ve just woken up after a heavy night on the tiles. Panda eyes that look like you’ve just blubbed your way through Animal Hospital..? You’ve taken the look too far!

And at completely the other end of the spectrum another trend to keep your eyes out for (haha see what I did there!?!) is the striking 80’s graphic colours and contours. The banana crease (that’s the crease in your eyelid shaped like a banana funnily enough) should be accentuated, so much so that it creates the look of a second low slung eyebrow. Then it’s all about the brightest colours you can possibly get your mitts on. Channel your inner ‘Material Girl‘ Madonna, but perhaps rein it in when you reach ‘Karma Chameleon‘ Boy George levels!


Minimal barely there make up has always been a thing, but now it’s more about going back to nature rather than nude as a trend led look. Again, the key message here is about loving who you are, so it’s a bit of concealer, a touch of clear mascara and highlighting the natural contours of the face.

Then there’s the Nineties rave inspired sweaty faced look. Think back to how you looked having raved the night away, your make up’s run, your pores are clogged and you look as if you’ve been caught out in a storm. Arguably not the best you’ve ever looked, but this is all about showing off the fun times you’ve had, living life to the max and being unafraid to face the world sweat and all.


You’re nobody unless you have a side parting this season, so get taming those tresses and train them away from the trusty centre parting you’ve had for so long. You can have straight, wavy, curly, short or long it doesn’t matter, just make sure it parts to the side and you’ll be bang on trend.

And finally a hair trend that is so completely suited to this time of year we quite literally take our hats off to it, yep it’s hat hair. I’m sure you can all relate to the dreaded dent that happens when you’ve been wearing a hat, well now it’s all good because it’s fashionable. Rejoice!

So, whether you’re a professional make up artist or beauty salon owner looking to source products from wholesalers such as Ellisons, to ensure you’ve got all the right gear to create these key looks for your clients, or you’re keen to have a go in front of the mirror at home yourself, there’s some fabulously fun, beautifully basic and vibrantly varied beauty inspo out there just waiting to be recreated.

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