Baebox Girls Subscription Box Review

Being a teenager is far from easy; all those surging hormones rushing around the body, changing the way it looks and don’t even get me started on the moods! And although it’s always been hard, today’s teens have it tougher than ever.

Social media plays a huge part in the lives of today’s teens – tell me the last time you saw a teenager without their head buried in a phone or taking a selfie? – and this certainly wasn’t a problem when I was growing up, jeez the word selfie hadn’t even been invented! But as much as we all love a good nose around Instagram, for teenage girls the flawless, filtered to death images that fill their phone screens, gives them a completely unrealistic view of women and this doesn’t half knock their confidence at a time when they are already incredibly vulnerable.

BAEBOX is the monthly subscription box looking to change the way girls feel about themselves; to give them a bit of a boost and to reward them for being…well…them. Set up and run by Rosie Shelley, who is also mum to a 13 year old daughter, BAEBOX is a celebration of the uniqueness and awesomeness of girls everywhere.


The teen box is aimed at girls between the ages of 13-15 and what I love about it is how it completely embraces the idea that at this age girls want to be considered grown up; they want to experiment with make up and use beauty products that smell nice, but at the same time they still have elements of the child about them, so they also want to play around with their hair and doodle or write secret messages to their friends. BAEBOX have got that balance just right, carefully selecting age appropriate beauty, fashion and lifestyle products that are sure to put a smile on any girls face – well, it certainly did me…and I’m 38!!

What’s in the March Teen BAEBOX?

Loads of lovely goodies that’s what – check this lot out:

  • Natural Eye Shadow Palette
  • ‘Follow Your Heart’ Ceramic Mug
  • Packet of Sweets
  • Positive Affirmation Cards
  • ‘Wild Ideas’ Notebook
  • Hair Chalks

A really gorgeous collection of quality products that come beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and shredded paper and if you watch the video of me opening it below, you’ll see how excited I got as I unearthed these treasures from the box!

And it’s not just teenage girls that need our help, so-called tweens (that’s pre-teens for those of you that didn’t know) also benefit from the positive reassurance that it’s OK to experience different feelings, that it’s OK to not like the same things as your friends, that it’s OK to not like pink, but it’s also fine if you do. And if, from an early age, we can empower our daughters to believe for themselves that they are important, that their opinion counts and that they can do anything, then we have done our absolute parenting best, right?!

Which is why BAEBOX have also put together a tween subscription box, for all those young girls that need a reminder of just how awesome they are.


The term tween is used to describe children between the ages of 8 and 12, however having seen how much my 7 year old daughter’s eyes lit up when she saw the box I would say that this particular subscription box would be suitable for girls perhaps even as young as 6.

What’s in the March Tween BAEBOX?

  • Emojii Nail Stickers
  • ‘You Are Awesome’ Tin Mug
  • Easter Bunny Trail Set
  • A5 Notebook
  • 2 x Positive Affirmation Cards
  • Packet of Sweets
  • Stationery Set

Just like in their Teen box, BAEBOX guarantee a minimum of 4 products in each month’s box and this could range from stationery, school sets, accessories, games, confectionery and positive messages.

Now, my daughter absolutely loves unboxing – she goes mad for those YouTube videos of people opening up Kinder Eggs and other such tat – so I can’t even begin to describe just how excited she was when I told her she’d be starring in her very own unboxing video – see how she got on below!

So, what are the top 3 things we love about BAEBOX?

  1. It’s an incredibly versatile subscription plan, that won’t stitch you up by having to commit to a lifetime’s supply of boxes. You can choose to order on a month by month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month basis with the cost per box going down the more you order. And ordering the boxes is sooooo easy, simply choose your plan, fill in the form and you’re done. Need to skip a month? Not a problem. Decided you’d like to unsubscribe? Not a problem. The company is honest, helpful and simply want to provide their customers with a great service and a fantastic product.
  2. It’s like having a birthday EVERY month! I know…seriously, what is not to like about that, right? Even as a grown adult, I still get immense joy at receiving things through the post and when it looks as beautiful, as vibrant and as colourful as the BAEBOX boxes, I am one happy lady. The postal system isn’t exactly well used by kids these days, I mean sending letters is so last century! But you find me one person, who doesn’t feel special when they get something addressed to them popped through their letterbox? When you receive a parcel, especially if it’s one that has been bought as a gift and that you are not expecting, it makes you feel special, that you’re worth it, that you have value, and that is exactly what BAEBOX is all about.
  3. The positive message. Without doubt the best thing I love about BAEBOX is the ethos behind the whole thing. Here is a product that strives to instil confidence in our girls, to reinforce individuality, to promote strong capable young women and to generally make them feel good about themselves. Because let’s face it, none of us are perfect, and neither should we strive to be. It is up to us to teach the next generation of women that they are all awesome just as they are and to celebrate the fact that it is way more fun being perfectly imperfect than to be forever striving for an unachievable perfection.

And what did Flo love about her BAEBOX Tween box…? Well, she LOVED the sweets! She’s 7, what more can I say!!!

You can find out more about these subscription boxes over on the BAEBOX website or you can follow them on Facebook @BAEBOX, Twitter @BaeboxUK and Instagram @baebox_uk.

And you can also read our interview with Baebox founder Rosie Shelley, where we discover what motivates her to do what she does, what advice she would give her teenage self and why her daughter thinks she’s AWESOME!


They’ve only gone and made a BAEBOX BOYS!!! Check out the new BAEBOX BOYS website for more info and keep your eyes peeled for my review of the very first box!

‘Cos boys are awesome too!


*Product gifted for review

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