Beauty Tips and Secrets to Try This Summer

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Fun in the sun, beach, cocktails and parties are only some of the thrills we look forward to during the summer season, but in order to look good while soaking up the sun and enjoying cocktails at the beach, you’ll need to know some of the summer skincare basics. Spending hours under the sun, tanning, as well as perspiring more than usual are all factors that will affect the way you prepare your skin for hot summer days. To make sure your skin looks and feels flawless, check out the following summer beauty tips.

Slough Off Dead Skin

Exfoliation is essential when you want to show off your sexy body. The last thing you want is for your skin to start peeling off the second you get a little bit of a tan, so scrub off those dead skin cells. The minute you expose the new skin, make sure you protect it well, because it’ll be prone to burning and irritation from the sun. After exfoliating your body, make sure you use a gentle face scrub to unclog your pores and allow your makeup to sit better on your face. Plan exfoliation for the night, so that you do not expose the skin to the sun immediately after and prevent irritation and burning.

Know When To Wax

You’ll want your legs smooth and your bikini line ready for flaunting your newest swimsuit, so it’s essential that you do not shave or wax immediately before hitting the beach. You’ll want to let the skin settle down after removing layers of dead skin with a waxing strip or a razor. Therefore, make sure you do not expose the waxed skin to the sun for at least 12 hours. Ideally, let the skin settle for 24 hours to avoid exposing freshly shaved skin to the sun, sand and salt. This is one of the best ways to prevent razor burns, ingrown hair and bumps.

Foot Care Basics

If you’ve spent most of your winter and spring in boots and shoes, your feet are probably in desperate need of some pampering. In order to keep them fresh and beautiful for your favourite slippers, make sure you offer them a quality foot treatment you can do at your own home. First, use a pumice stone while under the shower, to remove the build-up skin on your heels, soles and toes. After getting out of the shower, apply a paraffin foot mask and leave it for 10-15 minutes along with paraffin slippers on your feet. Your feet will feel soft, smooth and ready to shine in your slippers, sandals or while walking barefoot at the pool.

Switch Up The Makeup Routine

Our skin tends to sweat much more during hot months, which is why you should bring your makeup use to a minimum. However, if you still want to add some hue to your face, be sure to switch up your foundation for a darker shade if you’ve got some tan. Do the same with your concealer, so that your makeup will be on point. Mascara, a bit of bronzer on the cheekbones and a lip stain is all you need to keep any product from smearing while allowing your skin to still breathe and look fresh.

Aloe Vera To The Rescue

Sun exposure often causes skin irritation so you’ll need to apply plenty of skin soothing lotions and products. Look for the ones rich in anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera which will offer plenty of post-sun exposure moisture to your skin. Not only will Aloe Vera make your skin look supple, but it will also calm and soothe it, helping you avoid scaly dryness that always comes with summer.

Moisturise Religiously

Regardless of the fact that it’s hot outside, and that your skin may look radiant, you’ll need to moisturise it. From slathering on the SPF-rich lotions before tanning and swimming to taking care of after-bathing rehydration, be sure to look for body washes that provide hydration via the oils in their formula, but also invest in moisturisers that you can apply on your wet skin. Post-shower moisturisers that work well on wet skin won’t clump no matter how wet your skin is when you apply them.

Taking care of your skin should be imperative all year long, but even more so during summer. Exposing your skin to the sun and spending lots of time outdoors will require you to offer the skin proper care and make sure it’s healthy and glowing even after you’ve got some tan.

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