Benefits Of Getting Regular Eye Exam Fort Myers

Have you ever taken a moment to think about your eyes? Don’t you wonder how you’re able to see, even if you usually take your eyes for granted? If you value your eyes, it’s important to give your eyes the best treatment possible, which means getting regular eye exams.

Knowing all that, you should set about getting your eyes examined regularly by an eye doctor. If you’re from Fort Myers, you can check here for a qualified optometrist.

In addition to ensuring your eyes is properly working, here are the benefits of getting regular eye exams:

Awareness Of Any Eye Disorder Or Disease

It’s very important to regularly go for an eye exam since you may already have an eye disorder or disease creeping up on you, without you realising it. Delaying one’s regular eye exams could potentially lead to more serious eye problems.

You can choose between consulting an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, depending on the symptoms that you observe.

Get Treatment Immediately

Some people opt to postpone their eye checkup indefinitely for many reasons. But, if you have your eyes checked regularly, you’ll be able to seek medical treatment right away if the eye checkup reveals a problem.

Often, the earlier you get medical treatment, the more likely that any potential damage to your vision can be prevented or at least slowed down.

Acquire Eyeglasses

Sometimes, the eye exam may reveal nothing more serious than just blurriness. This means you’ll just have to have yourself fitted for a new pair of glasses to correct your vision.

However, you should still keep a regular eye exam schedule so that if you need to update the grade of your eyeglasses, it’ll be simpler for you.

Eyes Reveal More Serious Health Problems

Not many people realise this but a regular eye exam can save their life because some illnesses show their preliminary symptoms through the condition of the eyes.

Here are examples of illnesses that you can be alerted through your regular eye exam:

  • Autoimmune Disorder: Your doctor may believe this is present if your eyes tend to have inflammation.
  • Thyroid Disease: This is a possibility if your doctor remarks that your eyes tend to bulge out, which could be due to Graves’s Disease – an indication of thyroid problems.
  • High Cholesterol: Your doctor can alert you to possible high cholesterol levels if your cornea is yellowish or has a ring around it.
  • Aneurysm or Neck Tumor: Your doctor may suspect you have this if your pupils have an irregular shape or if your eyelids tend to droop.
  • Skin Cancer or Eye Cancer: These two forms of cancer may be present if the eye doctor sees something irregular about your eyelids (for skin cancer) or if your eye structure seems strange (for eye cancer).
  • Hypertension: An examination of your eye may show blood vessels that “bend.” Your doctor may also remark on the presence of tears, which is another symptom of high blood pressure.
  • Diabetes: If your eye exam shows that there’s yellow fluid or even blood from the retina’s blood vessels, this may indicate diabetic retinopathy.

If you go through regular eye checkups, there may be signs of other illnesses that your eye doctor may be concerned about. To check for these and other illnesses, it may be necessary to go through other procedures if your doctor recommends it, such as having lab work.

Have Special Eye Care Tips

Your eye doctor can actually help you care for your eyes by giving you some tips.

For instance, your doctor may recommend that you take multivitamin and multimineral supplements so that your eyes are well-nourished. Your doctor may also help you recognise some warning signs if your family has a history of eye problems, such as glaucoma or cataracts. Tips like these are invaluable if you intend to have healthy eyes for life.

Final Takeaway

If you don’t see your eye doctor regularly, that puts you at risk for developing problems with your vision. It’s generally a good idea to go through at least one thorough eye checkup every year for your peace of mind.

If your doctor tells you that you have signs or symptoms of eye problems, or even of other health problems, it’s wise to ask for the doctor’s advice about it. The good news is that you can detect many health problems early and even reverse the damage if you submit to a regular eye checkup. So, don’t delay your next appointment with your eye doctor, as much as possible.

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