Best Homemade Energy Drinks To Fuel Your Workout

Everybody knows how important it is to stay hydrated, especially when working out. However, sometimes, you need just a bit more than plain old water. After all, you lose a lot of energy while exercising, so you need something to help you regain it back. Instead of opting for store-bought energy drinks that are anything but healthy, consider making your own.

Here are a few healthy and delicious ideas you should think about.

The Cocolina

The Cocolina is an energy drink made of coconut water, which is rich in potassium, and Spirulina, which is rich in protein. It also contains many B vitamins and amino acids. All you need to do is pour the coconut water into your bottle and add ½ teaspoon of the spirulina powder. Shake the bottle, and enjoy your drink.

Watermelon Energy Drink

Who doesn’t love watermelons? In case you didn’t already know, this summer treat can serve as a fantastic energizer. What you need to do is blend one cup of coconut milk with one cup of cubed watermelon and one tablespoon of lime juice. Put it in the fridge until it cools, and it will be ready for you to enjoy as and when you want.

Green Banana Smoothie

Bananas are a great source of potassium, which is important for preventing fatigue. They also contain B vitamins, which serve to convert the food you eat into energy. They are also rich in magnesium, which is important if you want to build muscle. Make this smoothie by pouring two cups of cold water into your blender, add one cup of ice, and add some salad or lettuce. Throw in four peeled bananas, and blend it until smooth.

Sassy Water

If you do like water, but you want to add just a bit of “something” in order to make it tastier, consider making this “Sassy water”. It is named in honour of its creator, Cynthia Sass, and it’s really not hard to make. You need some high-quality, fresh water, of course, a dozen fresh mint leaves, one teaspoon of grated ginger, one medium cucumber, and one thinly sliced lemon. Pour the water into a pitcher, add the sliced plants, and leave the pitcher in the fridge overnight. The next day, you can pour the drink into your water bottle, and enjoy it during your workout.

Peach Green Tea Chia Energy Drink

If you’re looking for something with caffeine, consider making this energy drink. Heat up some peach juice until almost boiling, add one green tea bag, and let it sit for three minutes. Remove the bag, and add one tablespoon of chia seeds. Then, let it cool in the fridge, and you’ll have a drink that is guaranteed to provide you with that extra kick.

Orange Flax Smoothie

If you could use something a bit sweeter, you should try making this orange smoothie. You need five peeled, seedless oranges and three tablespoons of either cold-pressed flax oil or hempseed oil. The oil will reduce the flow of sugar through your body, which means that you will maintain your energy for a while. Just make sure to drink slowly, so you can really build up the energy.

Ginger Honey Energy Drink

Ginger is something people either love or hate, but if you belong to the group that loves it, this is the drink for you. It’s quite strong, and you can make it by heating some water until boiling and adding two teaspoons of honey, ¼ teaspoon of ground cardamom, ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric, and a 1-inch fresh, minced, ginger root. Once everything but the ginger dissolves, strain it out, and it’s finished. You can drink it both hot and cool, and it’s not only energizing but also calming for your stomach.

Chia Berry Juice

Berries are great antioxidants, and just like oranges, they contain natural, healthy sugars. Chia seeds, on the other hand, are rich in proteins and healthy fats. You can use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or any other type of berries that you like. You’ll need one teaspoon of chia seeds, and some mint leaves. First, blend the berries and the mint leaves, and then add the chia seeds and some honey. Let it cool, and enjoy your drink.

Drinking plenty of water is essential, but it can sometimes get a bit boring. So, if you want to try something new and just as healthy, consider some of the energy drinks above. You’ll be sure to feel much more refreshed and energized.

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