Best Massage Oil? You Need To Try Using CBD Oil

Essential oils have been used for everything from stress to the common cold. And many of them are great therapy for those things. One very popular way to use essential oils is as a massage oil. They have many different benefits that go beyond just making a massage feel nice. They also add aromatherapy to the mix and have properties that can relax achy muscles.

There is a secret weapon when it comes to using essential oils for massages and that is to add some CBD oil to the mix. Cannabinols are derived from the hemp plant and are completely legal now.

The best part is that they are not a drug like the THC found in marijuana and are totally safe to use. You can read this guide to learn more about CBD in general.

In this article, I will go over several ways that CBD oil can combine with essential oils for an incredible massage sensation and why you need to try one soon!

Relieves Chronic Pain

A massage is great to loosen muscles and get the blood flowing to the joints to reduce pain from things like arthritis and the soreness from working out. Using certain essential oils like tea tree oil and eucalyptus penetrate deep into the tissue to provide pain relief.

Adding CBD takes things even further. There are endocannabinoid receptors under the skin that send signals to the brain. When you use a CBD oil, the compound binds to the receptors and sends a signal to the brain to numb the area where it was applied.

Not only will your massage be more relaxing, but you will feel your pain start to dissipate very quickly.

Relieves Stress

Getting a massage is a great way to release endorphins into your bloodstream which helps to relax you and resets your brain. A massage is not just good to relax your muscles, but will also keep you from feeling stressed as a result.

Once again, CBD is wonderful to add to your favourite essential oil that you use for reducing stress. Essential oils that are good to reduce stress and anxiety are lavender, chamomile and valerian. If you add a few drops of CBD to massage oils with those as the base, then you will enhance the relaxing properties of the oil and find your mind much calmer.

Improves Your Skin

CBD oil is an excellent moisturizer on its own as it is derived from the hemp seed. It is full of fatty acids to leave the skin feeling supple and soft.

It also has the added benefit of being anti-inflammatory. If you are prone to breakouts on any part of your body, then a massage will help reduce your acne especially on your back. It also will reduce any skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

If you have these types of skin conditions then a CBD oil added to your usual essential oil will give your skin a boost.

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