The best post-workout doctor there is!

We all know that after a long workout session; whether you’ve been out for a run or had a heavy session at the gym, there’s nothing nicer than jumping into a steaming hot shower and cleaning off all that sweat.

The thing is, I don’t know about you lot, but one thing I notice when I have a post-workout shower is that, yes I get clean, but I still step out of the shower feeling a little bit sticky and not in a good moisturised kind of way!

It’s as though the shower gel has mixed with the sweat to form a kind of layer that sits on the surface of the skin. Now, it’s obviously not a huge problem, I mean I’m clean and I smell nice, but it just doesn’t feel right and my skin certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve been particularly kind to it. This also means that I then have to spend extra time lathering on body lotion when actually what I need to be doing is cracking on with my day!

What’s the solution?

I was recently sent a sample of a new product called good; an in-shower body moisturiser that could just be the solution to all my post-workout worries.

#sweatfacePurely for scientific purposes, I wanted to test the product under extreme conditions and as I am someone who rises to a challenge I thought it only right to make sure I was at my absolute sweatiest.

Picture this if you will…a thirty something female who’s just put her absolute all into a double HITT workout, with the central heating on and wearing double lycra – trust me when I say it ain’t pretty!

I’m sweaty, I’m sticky and I S-T-I-N-K!

Time to hit the showers!

dr. do good is designed to be used after your regular shower gel, so it doesn’t clean or lather up as you might expect and I’m not really sure what I expected from it, but I’ve got to say I was pleasantly surprised. The product comes in a rather simple, yet stylish spray bottle, one which I’m happy to have on show in my bathroom. Come on…you’ve got to admit, some products have nicer looking packaging than others and it really does separate them out into the two camps of 1) acceptable for display and 2) resigned to bathroom cabinet; dr. do good definitely falls into the latter.dr. do good in shower spray

I followed the three simple steps, as instructed:

  1. Shower as normal…tick
  2. Shake to activate and apply…tick
  3. Rinse and dry…tick

Easy peasy!

The result…?

I can honestly, hand on heart say, that I left the shower cubicle feeling completely fresh, not sticky, not sweaty and my skin felt hydrated and well, sort of glowy…in a good way. And the weird thing is I’m not quite sure how it works, because when you spray on dr. do good it seems to repel water, a bit like when you see water dripping from a ducks back. My immediate thinking was that my skin would feel oily and greasy, but it really didn’t. dr. do good state that their product immediately locks in moisture without leaving a residue and it is this ‘locking in’ that holds the key for ready to go rejuvenation.

The dr. do good spray itself has a lovely fresh, citrusy scent that is far from offensive, but one of my main concerns was that if I was using this on top of the lovely smelling shower gel I’d been given for Christmas would it result in a not quite so nice smell when combined?

And was this the case…NO!

Again, I have absolutely no idea how this works but rather bizarrely the dr. do good spray smells amazing as you spritz it onto your skin, but isn’t a smell that lingers or mixes.


So, let’s take a look at what goes into the dr. do good formula to help explain why it works so well.

Every single bottle of dr. do good in-shower moisturising spray is made from natural ingredients, which as we know makes it completely safe to use on our skin and will give us optimum benefits. Within these natural ingredients there are 5 top skin friendly superfoods:

tomato extractTomato extract

This is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against the premature ageing of your skin that can be caused by free radical damage. LOVE!

carrot extractCarrot extract

This ingredient is rich in Vitamin A, one of the best vitamins in terms of skincare. It helps nourish, firm and maintain elasticity and the outcome is longer lasting youthful skin. LOVE!

Yellow peppersYellow peppers

These yummy vegetables are rich in Vitamin C, which is the key component in the production of collagen. Collagen is a skin super hero, because if you have enough of it, it will keep your skin looking firm and youthful. LOVE!

broccoli extractBroccoli extract

Broccoli contains sulforaphane, which is fantastic at fighting the war against tired looking skin. It is also able to stimulate skin cells ready to defend themselves against the impact of workout sweat and temperature changes. LOVE!

aubergine extractAubergine extract

Another essential nutrient for great looking skin, aubergine extract helps with hydration, which is incredibly important after the vast quantity of water that can be lost during a workout. LOVE!

dr. do good has the added advantage of being the first in-shower moisturiser to be awarded the ‘dermatologically accredited’ mark from the Skin Health Alliance (SHA), which is a leading independent body of dermatologists and skin scientists. This means that you can us the product secure in the knowledge that it meets all safety requirements and has been tested by the absolute best.

Dr. do good does good!So, to sum up my experience of dr. do good moisturising spray, a Q&A quick-fire round:

Did it moisturise my post-workout skin?


Did it save me time?


Did the Dr do good?


Next patient please 🙂

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