Best Tips to Save Your Food From Ants and Other Pests

Ants are a common menace to many homeowners, particularly in the warmer months. These pests will crawl into your home in neat lines and sniff out your bread, sweet treats, and even dry food. Unless you have a concrete plan on how to keep them away, chances are they will be back several times more. So how do you save your food from ants and other pests? Here are our quick tips:

Scatter Fresh Bay Leaves Around The House

Did you know that ants detest the smell and taste of bay leaves? Yes, you only need a few bay leaves around your home and you won’t see those pesky intruders anymore. For best results, opt for fresh bay leaves that emit their strong scent around your house. Place them in strategic areas where the ants love to crawl. Check on the bay leaves each day, and replace them with fresh ones when they wither. Note, bay leaves are also excellent on wasps, roaches, fleas, and weevils.

Use Air Tight Food Containers

Your food section has to remain neat and organised at all times. Do this by storing all your food reserves in airtight containers. Use either transparent glass or plastic jars with clear labels for ease of use. Plus, make use of different shapes and sizes to make it easy to find foodstuffs without opening every jar. Indeed, airtight containers will keep ants, termites, and harmful germs from your food.

Opt For Harmless Deterrents

Do you use vinegar in your kitchen? You may know it as a preservative, antiseptic, and for cleaning stubborn stains. Here is one more use of this magic liquid. We know that ants leave a trail of pheromones for other ants to get to where you keep the food. Vinegar helps to get rid of the pungent smell of pheromones. In turn, they make it hard for the ants to form their iconic trails into your home. Other safe deterrents include baking soda and a mixture of dried yeast and sugar. Now, if you are a Boca Raton homeowner who can’t stand ants, but equally you don’t want to harm them, engage pest control Boca Raton, as they employ safe deterrents that will eliminate ants from your home without harming them.

Maintain A Clean Home

Keep your kitchen and dining areas clean. Always have a specific area where the family sits to eat. When snacking, ensure you remove any food droppings from the floor and seats. Do this using a vacuum cleaner that can pick up even the tiniest of particles.


Remember, ants are social insects. Meaning, they have strength in numbers. Hence, the best way to save your food from these insects is by interfering with their unity. The above tips highlight some of the strong-smelling deterrents that work well on ants. Ants can’t communicate with one another in an environment with a strong odour. Also, ensure you keep your home clean and organised in the first place, because it is those tiny food droppings that will attract the entire army of ants in the first place.

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