Buying Adidas Running Clothes Online – My Run Kit Glow Up

I’ve been looking back through the photos on my phone in a bid to clear out some space (honestly there are way too many pictures of plates of food, my sweaty face, and my dog!) and one thing I noticed is that I’m still wearing some of the same running clothes as I was 2 years ago. Which in some respects is downright impressive for so many reasons, but has also got me thinking that I could probably do with a bit of a running wardrobe refresh (for the record, I don’t have a running wardrobe, but wouldn’t that be great!)

It’s time for a run kit glow up.

Now let me ask you a question… what would you buy if you had £200 to spend on Adidas running clothes? Because funnily enough I found myself faced with this first world predicament. And I tell you what, it’s actually harder than you think, as there is a tonne of amazing running clothes in their online store. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I’d really like to try and inject a bit of colour into my running wardrobe, as I tend to stick with black, because well it’s safe isn’t it. So, with that in mind and with £200 at my disposal here’s how I got on:

HEAT.RDY Adidas Running T-Shirt

By my thinking, I reckon you can’t get much brighter than a t-shirt described as Vivid Red, which is exactly why I chose this HEAT.RDY Adidas Running T-Shirt first. And just like the colour description it is VIVID!

The t-shirt is made from a really lightweight material. This means it dries super quick, which pleases the mum in me, as it feels like I am continually at war with the bottomless laundry basket that I seem to have in my house. But it’s not just the quick drying factor that comes into play here, oh no, there are a whole heap of other benefits that come with this t-shirt.

You see it is made with Primegreen, a new recycled fabric that contains no newly created plastic. This is fantastic news from a sustainable point of view, but how does it perform? Well, the good news is it’s breathable (always a huge bonus in a running top) and it pulls moisture away from your skin, so when you start sweating this t-shirt has you covered.

I love the puncture hole detailing on the back and it looks great with a black sports bra underneath. I also like my run tops to be quite lengthy in the body – I’m a cover my bum as much as possible kind of girl and it also means you don’t have to worry about the dreaded camel toe situ.  This is my perfect length, sitting slightly lower at the back, and with a curved hem, it is super flattering and comfortable. Priced at £43, I went for the UK S 8/10 which was a slight risk as I’m probably more of a 10/12 up top, but this was the perfect fit, so I’d say it tends to veer ever so slightly more on the larger side. A great top and one I’ve no doubt will be in my running wardrobe for years to come.

Adidas Essentials Boyfriend Camouflage T-Shirt

This next one isn’t something that I would necessarily run in, purely because I prefer a more lightweight and breathable fabric, however when it popped up on my screen I couldn’t not buy this top. I love the soft casual camo look that’s somehow bold but not too out there if you know what I mean.

Boyfriend fit means it’s a bit looser and it looks great either with leggings for a slightly sportier look or with a pair of rolled up distressed boyfriend jeans for a bit more of an urban chic skater girl look. Available in 2 different colourways (green/dark brown/white or solid grey/clear pink/white) I went for the softer pastel tones to help lighten up my workout clothes. The t-shirt costs just £20, but at the moment it’s in the sale for £17 – gotta love a bargain!

Adidas Own The Run Tank Top

OK, so can you tell I love tops yet!?! In summer, when the sun decides to come out, I much prefer to run in a vest. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything (well go on then) but I have a pretty nice toned back and shoulders, so wearing a vest top is a chance for me to show those bad boys off. This tank top is fab for this.

I went for the Vivid Red again because I love how bright it is and think it goes really well with my colouring, but it’s also available in 4 other colours (Rose/Ambient Blush/Black/Violet). I’ve always loved the classic three stripe Adidas branding and I love the detail of the reflective stripes on the back of this top.

This tank top, like the other red t-shirt above, is also made from the Primegreen high-performance material, and with a soft mesh feel it offers plenty of breathable movement on the run. At £25 you’ll find cheaper vests than this, but honestly you totally get what you pay for and the quality of the material is everything. If you want a running top that performs well, is comfortable, but that also looks stylish, then this is for you. Not gonna lie, I’m tempted to buy one in another colour.

Oh, and one other thing, red is a notoriously difficult colour to wash, however I’ve washed this a couple of times now and there was zero colour running and it retains its vivid red intensity. A staple bit of summer run kit.

Marimekko Tank Top

Right, let me start by explaining what Marimekko is, because before discovering it on the Adidas website it wasn’t even on my radar. Marimekko is a Finnish design house that creates distinctive bold prints to symbolise positivity and personal empowerment – a message that I am sure most of you know I am all for. Adidas have incorporated the bold Marimekko design into a range of different women’s clothing, ranging from dresses, trainers, leggings, shorts, swimsuits, and this tank top that I’m wearing.

As you can see I went for the Carbon/Black combo, but it’s also available in Magenta/Vivid Red. The training top is perfect both for workouts or running, as again it is made from Primegreen recycled materials and moisture-wicking AEROREADY. What I love most about this top is the shape of it, especially the v neck (something you don’t see that often in a training top) and the scooped hem (it’s a really flattering shape and feels less restrictive during movement). Plus, the racerback style back looks great with a bright coloured sports bra underneath.

This one will cost you £33 so a bit more than I’d personally normally pay for a tank top, but I think the design makes it look really luxe and it’s nice to have something a little bit different and dare I say it bouji to spice my workout training clothes up a little.

Own the Run Adidas Hooded Windbreaker

We all know just how unpredictable British weather is during the summer and that means a lightweight, waterproof jacket is an absolute must in any runners’ wardrobe. I own a ridiculous amount of black jackets, it’s my safety colour. And while they look great, it’s not exactly the most eye catching colour to be wearing, especially when road running. This Violet Tone hooded jacket is perfect for a more summery look and definitely way more eye catching without becoming part of the neon brigade (you totally know what I mean, right!?!)

Aside from looking totally beaut the jacket has loads of small detailing that really helped sell itself to me:

  • Water repellent – a must in this country.
  • Drawstring cord at the waist – to nip you in and keep the rain out.
  • Discreet drawstring cord on top of the hood – there’s nothing worse than having a hood that keeps falling down, completely pointless. Snug fit for the win.
  • 2 big side pockets – one with hidden inner zipped pocket that’s big enough to hold a phone or keys or other things you want to keep dry or extra secure.
  • Cuffed sleeves – again to keep that rain out.
  • Reflective stripes – 0ffering 360-degree visibility.

Priced at £45 I know for a fact that this will end up being the most worn item out of this whole haul simply because its practicality points are off the charts.

Designed To Move High-Rise 3-Stripes 7/8 Adidas Sport Tights

These are an absolute classic: black sports tights with the notorious three stripe Adidas design running down the leg, it’s an utter crime not to have a pair of these in your wardrobe somewhere. Now I’m going to be honest here, I ordered these thinking they’d make great run tights, but for me they’re more of a lounge around at home, pop to the shops, walk the dog kind of legging and I’ll explain why.

When I run I want to know that my leggings are going to stay put, that they’re not going to roll down, and that I’m not going to have to spend every other minute hoiking them up. So, what I really want is a drawstring waist, which these don’t have, and it’s totally my fault for not checking when I ordered them. That being said, this is not a regret buy, my goodness they are the comfiest leggings I have ever worn, so so soft and stretchy and the movement capacity of them is mega – there’s no chance of these bad boys splitting when you do your lunges that’s for sure.

Costing £33, they’re available in three colourways (black and white, dark grey heather and white, or wild teal, hazy green and white) and are again made with Primegreen. I love that it has a high waist and a hidden interior pocket, because as we all know… pockets are everything.

As you can see, it turns out it wasn’t so difficult for me to spend £200 at Adidas after all, in fact it’s kinda got me thinking that perhaps I should be glowing up my running wardrobe way more often, seeing as there’s so much gorgeous stuff out there. So, if you ever find yourself in need of some new run threads, I would deffo recommend spending time getting lost on the pages of the Adidas online store. Window shopping’s great, but online shopping’s even better!

*products gifted for review

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