Can You Look Good Without Make Up?

Nowadays, in the shiny world of cosmetics in which so many different products are on offer, looking pretty without any makeup might seem quite difficult. However, going makeup free and still feeling good about yourself is completely achievable.

Each of us has a unique face glow that simply needs to be taken care of. Wearing makeup on a daily basis can be pretty tiring and could harm your skin. In addition, many women don’t feel confident enough to step out of their home without the protective mask of mascara or powder.

Trusting in your own inner beauty is the first step to achieving good looks. The second is to follow a few simple lifestyle tips incorporating a couple of tricks into your daily routine.

Enjoy taking care of yourself and you’ll instantly feel like a goddess.

The Key Steps of Your Morning Routine

Make time for yourself and follow the same routine every morning when you first get up. After washing your face with a face wash and cleanser, remember to exfoliate both your lips and your skin, to make them clean, fresh and renewed. Start by slapping your face and pinching your cheeks; this sort of massage helps bring colour to the surface of your skin. Follow this up by apply a good quality moisturiser.

You could finish with 15 minutes of exercise, as this is a great way to get the blood pumping to your skin by raising your heartbeat, driving blood to your skin surface and making it look better and healthier.

Sunscreen is Your Best Friend

Many women, especially young ones, don’t understand how harmful the sun can be if you expose your skin to it for several hours. With time, your skin loses the freshness and if it was exposed to the sun rays too much, it quickly becomes rough, damaged and really ages a person. Sunscreen should be applied regularly every day, no matter what time of year it is, as sun rays damage our skin during the winter months too.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

keep_your_hair_healthyLooking pretty without makeup also includes taking good care of your hair. The hair colour you use should be close to natural as possible, because strong accent colours, like pink, green and red only emphasise the imperfections on your face. Use hair products of high quality that are suitable for your hair type and always do a sample patch test first. Remember also to treat your hair to oil treatments from time to time, to ensure your hair stays silky and shiny.

Make Your Lips Look Beautiful

Here’s how to make your lips look gentle and soft. First, you should gently massage them with your toothbrush every morning or evening. Do this for 5 minutes and rinse them when you finish. Then, apply natural moisturiser, like Shea butter, for instance. You’ll immediately notice how soft your lips feel.

Lemon and Water – the Key Ingredients

lemon_and_waterOne of the best pieces of advice I can give is to drink a cup of hot water with lemon in the morning. Make this your daily routine and after a while, your skin will look much better. Lemon helps your body deal with all the toxins by flushing them away. In addition, it awakens the senses and makes the skin less sensitive. Apart from this, make sure you drink lots of water, more than you think is enough and you’ll soon notice the changes on your facial skin, too.

What Products You Can Use

Being beautiful without any makeup doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t use any cosmetics. Many products can help you emphasise your natural beauty. For instance, there are transparent mascaras for eyelashes, eyebrow gel, various lip balms and glosses that not only nourish your lips but also give them a bit of colour and freshness.

Apart from that, you should pick cleansers, lotions, face masks and moisturisers suitable for your skin type. Going for good quality Thalgo products or something similar is always a good idea. Just make sure to be consistent and remember to apply them. Having the same routine every day is the most important tip you should follow.


To sum up, leading a healthy lifestyle that includes sleeping well, drinking plenty of water, doing exercise and eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is the best way to feel and look beautiful. Beauty comes from the inside, so be in love with yourself and enjoy what you do. The choices you make are your own. Choose wisely and be happy about them!

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